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Trees of Life Global Gratitude Ceremony

March 24, 2018, 2:00 pm ET and all corresponding time zones the world over.

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In honor and recognition of Trees of Life, join the Organization of Nature Evolutionaries and For a Tree in holding a global Tree Gratitude and Blessing Ceremony-from wherever you are.  Unite with thousands of others throughout the world in restoring balance with our environment, and reconciling humanity's relationship with trees.

O.N.E. and For a Tree invite you to express gratitude for the Trees in your life and help strengthen your relationship with Trees and the global connection of Trees around the Earth. Planning and holding your own gratitude ceremony is simple and our organizations have pulled together to provide you with the guidance and you need. 

Make the commitment to participate on March 24th-hold an intimate family ceremony or a larger community expression of gratitude. What is important is that we give back to Nature and Trees for all that they are and that we bring our hearts overflowing with love and thankfulness to our offerings. The more of us that participate the more of an impact we will collectively have. 

Feel free to share your ceremony beforehand or your experience after by commenting on our Facebook page. We would love to hear from you!  To receive inspiration and guidance for participating in this collective expression of Gratitude watch the video below from and print a free ceremony guide here.  Also, listen to the teleseminar, Nourishing Trees of Life with Rani Findlay.

Active expressions of gratitude are the seeds of healing and nourishment for Mother Earth. As the smallest stone initiates unending ripples in a pond, this collective ceremony initiates a far-reaching vibration of gratitude and healing for all trees.

MyGreenPod, the UK's leading ethical lifestyle media company, has featured the Trees of Life Global Gratitude Ceremony on it's website and we are really excited that the call to sacred action is going out to so many people.  Wonderful to be connected with our global community in appreciation for all our Trees.

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