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River Gratitude Ceremony

You are invited to join the Nature Evolutionaries and For A Tree communities in hosting a River Gratitude ceremony for your river. 
Join us on September 22nd!!

Planning Your River Gratitude Ceremony
September 22, 2018 (Equinox), 1:00 pm ET and all corresponding time zones the world over.

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In honor and recognition of Rivers of Life, we encourage you to join us in holding your own River Gratitude Ceremony - from wherever you are, with a group, or by yourself.  We invite you to pray with the rivers and sacred waters near you, and connect with other communities participating in the same prayer for the protection and balance of the rivers and waters.

Planning and holding your own gratitude ceremony is simple and our organizations have created  a short video demonstration and a 1 page printable instruction sheet to provide guidance.

You may also include your ceremony on our website through the "Include Your Ceremony" button above and let us know if your  group would welcome prayers from our wider community for balancing the waters or restoring your river.  Also, for those people/organizations that sign up and share information, a group call will be offered on 9/18 to connect more deeply, receive guidance and ask questions.


Why a gratitude ceremony for rivers?

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Rivers sustain our life on Mother Earth, and we are blessed to be in relationship with them. When we reach out with gratitude and bless one river, we are reaching out and blessing all rivers, and all tributaries.

This loving act of ceremony creates the opening to experience our unique human identity as caretakers of life on Mother Earth.  Ceremonies like this are the sacred seeds of healing and nourishment for Mother Earth and can help to bring balance where it is needed.

The River Gratitude Ceremony has been planned to work with the natural vibration of Equinox,  which is balance. It is a day where the daytime and the nighttime are the same lengths, and the illumination of both the Southern and Northern hemispheres is equal. A potent day for restoring equilibrium or as some may call it, health.

As this is being written,  there are enormous fires burning in the West of North America,  and flooding in the East. This pattern of imbalance is, unfortunately, becoming normal and our response to this is Sacred Action in the form of the River Gratitude ceremony.  

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It is with this Equinox energy that O.N.E. and For a Tree invite you to participate in a world community prayer to nourish our rivers and through the interconnectedness of all rivers, promote good water flow around the Earth.  

We know that by connecting with our rivers and with other open hearted people, we can be active participants in healing environmental issues. We can help  waters flow where they are needed, so that fire and water come into healthy relationship. In a very physical sense this means that where there is too much water in the form of flooding that the waters recede and the Earth gently warms and where there is too much fire there can be balancing rains.

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Thank you for participating in the River Gratitude Ceremony to nourish our rivers and to pray for the balance of the waters around Mother Earth.