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Singing to the Land Ceremony

Singing to the Land Ceremony

“Singing to the Land” Ceremony
March 23rd, 1:00 pm ET and all corresponding time zones

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We encourage you to join us in holding your own Singing to the Land Ceremony from wherever you are, with a group, or by yourself. We can nourish the little areas of nature to which we each belong.

We invite you to pray, and sing with the expression of nature that most calls to you- a mountain, a river, a tree or forest, a meadow, your overgrown garden or rose bush-whatever it is that you feel most drawn to hold ceremony near.

Planning and holding your own ceremony is simple and we have created  a short inspirational video demonstration, a one page printable instruction sheet to provide guidance, and if you would like to use it, a song with printable lyrics from Brooke Medicine Eagle.

Please let us know about your ceremony on our website through the button below so that we can share all the locations with our big community, and support you in your preparations and offering.

Song, Singing, Words of Nourishment

For your ceremony you can choose to sing your own song, or you can learn and sing this Blessing the Land song from Brooke Medicine Eagle. Below you can download the track and print a copy of the lyrics.

Also, on our March 17th teleseminar with Brooke Medicine Eagle, we will have time at the end to speak about the ceremony and you will have an opportunity to speak with Brooke and ask any questions you may have about your ceremony, listening to nature, singing….

Inspiration for “Singing to the Land”


Each time O.N.E. offers a ceremony to be shared by our global community we wait, listen, feel, and look at what is moving in commonality and what wants to be expressed in co-creation with nature. The weavings are exquisite, perfect and sometimes (often) unexpected.

During our Sacred Earth Activism series, the power of song, breath, and words in deepening and growing our relationship with our land, Gaia herself, has undeniably risen many times in our hearts and dreams, inspired by our shared experiences. This has led to the creation of our Spring Ceremony.

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We are beings of light and sound. Sound has the great capacity to bring healing and blessing, to touch the corners of the universe and vibrate within us and all that surrounds us. Everything has its own unique song and when sung has the power to restore, amplify and regenerate.

A story of the regenerative power of song was shared in our Land Whispering teleseminar with Dr. Patrick MacManaway (December 2018) when he spoke of a dried up spring that was brought back to life by singing the song of the spring in the place where it used to flow. The song carried the ancient memory of the once bountiful spring and when the land was reminded of this, nourished by this, the spring bubbled back to life.

So it is with the spring equinox ceremony that we invite you into deeper partnership with your own community of life and ask you to offer your voice through song and prayer in benefit for all life on Earth but most especially to the expression of nature that is closest and dearest, to you.

This loving act of ceremony creates the opening to experience our unique human identity as caretakers of life on Mother Earth. Ceremonies like this are the sacred seeds of healing and nourishment for Mother Earth and can help to bring balance where it is needed.

Singing to Land Ceremonies that are Open to Community

A few members of the O.N.E. community would like to invite you to join them in singing to land and are planning ceremonies that are open to the public. Links and/or contact information are below.

Pam Montgomery, O.N.E. Visioning Council member, is hosting a Singing to the Land ceremony at Sweetwater Sanctuary in Danby, VT. See link for contact and more information.

Jen Frey, O.N.E. Visioning Council member, is hosting a Singing to the Land ceremony at Heart Springs Sanctuary in Washington Boro, PA. See link for contact and more information

Fearn Lickfield and the Green Mountain Druid Order will include a Singing to the Land as part of their open house- Saturday, March 23rd at around 3 pm EST in Worcester, Vermont. The open house is from 2-8 and for more information visit

Alicia North will be hosting a public Singing to the Land ceremony at Happy Rainbows in Sherman, CT. 5:30pm Wed. March 20th to celebrate the Vernal Equinox & the reawakening of the plants. There will also be a seed blessing. E-mail Alicia with any questions


Thank you for participating in the Singing to the Land Ceremony and uniting in community for the nourishment and blessing of Nature.