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Blessings for 2018

Being a Nature Evolutionary short film

In this dawning of a New Year, greeted by the luminous full moon, who drew so close to Earth and opened our hearts with her beauty, ONE wishes you awakening, blessings and resolve.

Awakening to the tides within us that are rising in hopefulness for new beginnings and for the fulfillment of our yearnings for wholeness.

The blessings of feeling, deep in our bodies, how the more-than-human world embraces us and guides us, moment by moment.

The resolve to let this Nature-Consciousness be expressed in our thoughts and actions, revealing us not only as care-takers and guardians, but also as Lovers of all Life, participating joyfully in the Gaian dance of co-creation.



Advocates for Equal Rights for Earth and All her beings

Recognizes the life-giving force of Nature Consciousness

Serves the Sacred and recognizes the Sacred in all things

Lives in co-creative partnership with Nature 

Infuses the Sacred into the environmental movement

Brings spirit into all their actions

Current theme: Trees of Life

Photo Courtesy of Kelly Sinclair

Throughout the year we explore various themes through our blog posts, teleseminars and events. 

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Ceiba Tree Flower

Ceiba Tree Flower

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