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Join us for Trees of Life Global Gratitude Ceremony

Being a Nature Evolutionary short film

March 24, 2018, 2:00 pm ET and all corresponding time zones the world over.  Start planning your Tree Gratitude Ceremony now or check on our Facebook page to find a community ceremony near you.  Unite with thousands of others throughout the world in restoring balance with our environment, and reconciling humanity's relationship with trees.  To receive inspiration and guidance for participating in the Tree Gratitude Ceremony watch the video below from ForaTree.org and also join us with Rani Findlay for the Nourishing Trees of Life Teleseminar.

Tree Gratitude Ceremony Inspiration



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Current theme: Trees of Life

 Photo Courtesy of Kelly Sinclair

Throughout the year we explore various themes through our blog posts, teleseminars and events. 

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 Ceiba Tree Flower

Ceiba Tree Flower

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