O.N.E.'s work is to bring awareness to the inherent need of all humans to be in deep relationship with the natural world which is the source of our sustenance. This relationship is one of co-creative partnership where plants, trees, animals, water, air, land and all beings of nature have equal rights to thrive

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photo by Aliah Rogers

photo by Aliah Rogers

Spiritual Activism

Taking direction from the needs of Earth as she speaks to us through her many life forms.  Our activism may be social or purely personal and is guided by love and a sense of the sacred in all beings thus bringing Spirit into our actions.

Whale Muse Mandala painting by Maureen Green

Whale Muse Mandala painting by Maureen Green

Creative Expression

Creativity arises as we are enlivened by the continuous creative forces of Nature. All of us find ways to creatively express our joy and celebrate the wonder of the Natural World.  Art can express our gratitude, bring healing, add beauty, speak out, and create a new reality.


Holding the memory of  when the Sacred in all was honored and helping to re-introduce the ancient ceremonies that reflect our current environments. We know that great healing and change can occur through ceremony.

Earth Stewardship

We are committed to healing the wounds of Earth caused by human’s separation from Nature, whether it be intentional or not. Listening to the needs of the soil, seeds, plants, and animals and striving to engage in co-creative partnership with nature. 


Committed to helping our fellow humans reestablish our right relations within the Natural World through education. Ancient wisdom and newly emerging science guides us in this evolutionary journey forward with Gaia. 


We understand that physical healing involves spiritual healing and both depend on healing our separation from Nature.  We know that healing ourselves is a gift to others and a step towards healing the Earth.