Loving Whales, Taking Action

Rachel Baird, who led our Teleseminar on connecting with Whales through meditation, offers some ways of supporting them:

Whale lovers in North America can join sites to get involved with projects to protect the whales, such as the eco-Whale Alliance of Canada. Take a look at baleins en direct , full of  scientific information, beautiful pictures, current news of whales, and calls to action. And International Whale Protection details challenges to whales from whaling, fishing and environmental degradation, highlighting campaigns to counter these-- see  International Whale protection.org

You can follow fishing industry and authorities in Japan, where whaling is still active. We can also support Japanese-based citizen groups in their efforts for the conscious and compassionate treatment of whales and dolphins. 

It's also possible (and what an adventure!) to volunteer for eco-sustainable tourism and scientific research vessels: check out volunteer world, and whalesinMexico

Love yourself, find inner peace, then share it. Visit the whales through meditation often!

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