Wild Soul Woman

A Wild Soul Woman
is rooted, powerful, authentic,
instinctual, and awake.
She feels her oneness with the Earth,
and the strength, sensuality,
and creativity this kindles in her.
~ Mary Reynolds Thompson


We are delighted to let you know that our partner organization TreeSisters, is hosting a 6 week online course with Mary Reynolds Thompson called “A Wild Soul Woman.”  

Please visit www.treesisters.org/wildsoulwoman for a full description of the course.  Here’s an enticing sampling from Mary’s post on the TreeSisters blog:

A Wild Soul Woman is a journey of soul recovery that offers a dynamic pathway for women to reclaim their innate and instinctual wildness. …
If we are to claim our own beauty and power, it is vital that we understand the depth of connection that runs between women and the Earth. 
The Earth has historically been viewed as feminine: the Great Mother––generative, generous, nurturing. But as western culture has become increasingly separated from nature, now viewing the planet as a soulless, mechanistic place, both Mother Earth –and the embodied Feminine—have been increasingly tamed, dominated, and exploited. 
 A Wild Soul Woman explores the ways in which the wounds of the earth are the wounds of women and how by reclaiming our wild souls—our Earth consciousness—we can reclaim our own vibrant beings as we revitalize our planet. 
The energy of the wild feminine has been building up for years, like water behind a dam. Each year, new raindrops are added, more estuaries join the flow. The water is rising, dangerously. You can feel the anticipation, the sense of something about to break free from its constraints and reshape the world as we know it.
But how do we flow with this wild feminine energy? Dance with it? Own it? Live it?
The Earth and her great landscapes mentored me. I blossomed under their guidance. Like a wildflower bursting through the cement of all that sought to confine me, I felt myself finally, and fully, coming alive.
Today I want to invite you to take the journey of a Wild Soul Woman with me. It leads through Earth’s great archetypes of deserts, forests, oceans and rivers, mountains and grasslands as aspects of your own psyche and soul.
Learning how these five archetypes are stirring within you — which are dominant, which are dormant, which need to be awoken and which need to be handled carefully— will help you call forth your most creative, alive, and authentic self.
This is the second time I have taught the course for TreeSisters. And yet, I cannot predict the exact path it will take. The way of the wild is both powerful and unpredictable, When we awaken to Earth’s landscapes, as D. H. Lawrence writes, we shall stamp our feet with new power / and old things will fall down.
One thing I do know, however, this work is not just our work. The Earth longs for us, needs for us, and is ready to help us become our wildest and most authentic selves: untamed, unashamed, and unstoppable.
Rewilding the Earth has to begin with rewilding our own souls.
It is time to join your sisters and greet the Wild Soul Woman that is you.
Watch out world, the dam is about to break.
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