Declaration by the Earth Rights Conference participants 2017

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The Earth Rights Declaration below was created by the participants of the 2017 Earth Rights Conference which took place in Sigtuna, Sweden.   Learn more about the conference here.

We, participants of the 2017 Earth Rights Conference in Sigtuna, Sweden, have gathered from five continents, twelve countries and indigenous peoples such as the Sámi people in Scandinavia and the Sarayaku people and Quechua nation of South America.

Because of the accelerating socio-ecological challenges and wounds caused by the modern human-centered worldview which has emphasized our separation from each other and from nature,

We recognize and support:

  • The need of an earth-centered worldview emphasizing the interconnectedness of all beings, as well as the urgent need to implement this worldview in our legal systems,
  • The indigenous peoples’ knowledge and rights to territories and organizational forms and livelihoods based on a harmonious relationship with nature,
  • The urgent and historical opportunity to gather around Earth Rights* as a framework to restore the relationship between humans and nature.
  • We commit ourselves to living in harmony with nature, each other and ourselves, as well as to the co-creation of a common Earth Rights culture.
  • We declare to be the change we want to see in the world through:
    Learning to govern ourselves in alignment with the Laws of Nature;
    Listening to and speaking for Nature;
    Connecting and cooperating across borders;
    Healing past wounds, individually and collectively, in order to move forward;
    Standing up and taking action for Earth Rights with love.

Today we call on all peoples, organizations and governments to join us in this great undertaking and take adequate measures. We call on the United Nations to adopt the Universal Declaration on the Rights of Mother Earth for the well-being of our Earth Community and future generations, and in honor of our common home.

* Earth Rights include the rights of all of our planet’s ecosystems and all of its inhabitants. We envision Earth Rights as working in harmony with, reinforcing and securing all other rights of peoples and species.

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