Dreaming with Elder

by Jen Frey

Elder Fruit

At the end of October, ONE held an Elder Plant Initiation.  We gathered together at this sacred time of the Ancestors to move deeper into co-creative partnership with Nature, to receive guidance and understanding, to heal, and to experience communion with Elder(berry).

Elder has long been revered as a gatekeeper, holding keys to the Underworld, the Faerie worlds, the Ancestral worlds, and depending on who is knocking, Elder is able to show the way to other worlds too.  Elder guided us throughout our weekend of ceremony, presenting us with the gifts we needed most, soothing wounds, helping us release what we no longer needed, showing us the way forward, reminding us of who we truly are, and teaching us the importance of community.

We emerged from our initiation with the fresh eyes of newborns, with an enormous amount of Love and gratitude for Elder.  We knew that this was just the beginning; Elder continues to work with us and guide us.  The effects of our time with Elder are wider than we can know as gathering together in collaboration with the Plants, we strengthen the connection between humans and Nature, healing the wounds of separation.