Help Give Voice to Earth, Fall Fundraiser

October, 2017

Dear  Friends,
I'm Pam, the co-founder of Organization of Nature Evolutionaries and a dedicated advocate for the plants and our Earth.  I'm reaching out to you today on behalf of O.N.E. because we need your help.
Founded in 2013, O.N.E. is dedicated to the awareness of Nature Consciousness and cultivating co-creative partnership with Nature. We're devoted to EarthRights, and are on a mission to create a clear and easy path to help people advocate for EarthRights in their own communities - for their mountains, their rivers, their forests and beloved wild places.
As part of our service, we offer free monthly teleseminars featuring leading experts in the field of Nature Consciousness.  We focus content on a specific theme for six month increments.  Our current theme is Trees of Life, followed by Rivers of Life beginning in March.  Our Trees of Life theme features an array of Tree luminaries, including Michael Dunning, Clare Dubois of TreeSisters, Pam Montgomery, and Kate Gilday.  In the past we have hosted teleseminars with notables such as Rosemary Gladstar, Deb Soule, and Drew Dellinger.  All teleseminars are recorded and available for playback at any time on our website. 
We also publish a monthly e-newsletter with inspiring articles from leaders and visionaries at the forefront of Nature activism, and weekly EarthWrites affirmations to help people deeply connect with Nature Consciousness.  Our website provides tools to help people create sacred ceremonial space with Nature, which we call EarthRites, to offer gratitude and receive inspiration and guidance from the spiritual forces of the more-than-human world.
Our immediate plans include expanding our activism outreach through presentations at conferences and symposiums, expanding and honing our online Spiritual Activism guide to help people connect with Nature Consciousness and advocate for EarthRights in their communities, and maintaining a presence at relevant events that help give voice to Earth.
Your support provides critical resources for our FREE teleseminars, and makes it possible for O.N.E. to continue to reach out, educate and empower through our newsletter, weekly EarthWrites affirmations, and our web site filled with resources to help guide the quest for EarthRights in local communities.  

When you join us in our advocacy for EarthRights and Nature Consciousness, even a small contribution will touch the lives of many as well as have a positive impact on Earth and all her beings.

 Donations can be made online through our website, , or by check payable to the Organization of Nature Evolutionaries, and mailed to:
1525 Danby Mountain Road
Danby, VT  05739
Please forward this request to your friends and colleagues who might be able to help.  I send you my deepest gratitude in advance for your time and support of our beloved Earth.
Pam Montgomery, Visioning Council Member
Organization of Nature Evolutionaries

O.N.E. Visioning Council
Pam Montgomery - Jen Frey - Emily Mattison - April Thanhauser - Julie Caldwell