O.N.E. and Earth Rights

Since our annual meeting in April, we have been refining O.N.E.'S  focus so that we can contribute more to  supporting Earth Rights and share more powerfully the role of Nature Consciousness in this effort.

Our focus for accomplishing this deep work is through Earth Rights, Earth Rites and Earth Writes acknowledging that Nature Consciousness is multi faceted.

  • Earth Rights helps us to shift our awareness into one of kinship with Earth and all her beings knowing that we, too, are a part of this interconnected web of life.
  • Through Earth Rites we participate in ceremony where we express our gratitude for all beings seen and unseen and engage in reciprocal right relationship with the sacred life-giving natural world.
  • Earth Writes gives us an opportunity to hear and share the voice of nature. Each day we are inspired by the profound guidance and wisdom offered to us by Nature Consciousness.  

Take a moment to view our new page content and especially the Earth Rights, Earth Rites and Earth Writes pages through the Learn-Engage portal.

Together we can return to a place of balance within the natural world.