Scholarship Opportunity for Damanhur Journey

Nature Consciousness Journey to Damanhur, Italy

Nature Consciousness Journeys are transformational experiences of deeply connecting to oneself, nature and the cosmic forces supporting our spiritual evolution.   In addition, to this purpose, the Journey’s are also intended as a benefit for O.N.E which is a small nonprofit organization.

Because we support many programs, it is important for us to raise funds throughout the year.  And as Nature Evolutionaries we believe in the economy of nature-giving and receiving.

So it is from  this place that we would like to offer a scholarship opportunity to a deserving individual for the Damanhur Nature Consciousness Journey.  We know that the web of life is nourished and strengthened when more of us have a co-creative partnership with the natural world.

Scholarships are meant for those  who are unable to pay the full amount for the journey- for whatever reason. This scholarship is for half the tuition ($1150). If you receive the scholarship, you would be responsible for the remaining tuition, $1145, plus airfare to Malpensa airport in Italy and hotel-food in Milan.   We  are pleased to offer one scholarship  for the Nature Consciousness Journey to Damanhur. To apply use the application below.

In the spirit of reciprocity we ask that, if you receive the scholarship, you write an article for our newsletter about your experience after the journey.

For more information about the journey please see the trip description on our events page as well as the links below.

O.N.E. Scholarship Application
Damanhur Nature Consciousness Journey

Applications are due by June 4th

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If for any reason you have difficulty using this online form, please answer the questions above in an email and send your responses to
Write "scholarship" in the subject line.