Honoring Earth Day Year Round & Supporting O.N.E.

Did you know that Earth Day was founded on April 22, 1970  as a way to bring awareness to wildlife and nature at a time when many Americans were just starting to recognize the effects of pollution in our environment? 


This special day was meant to be an environmental teach-in much in the same style as the peace teach-ins that were taking place in college campuses across the US in the face of the ongoing Vietnam war.  The founders of Earth Day hoped that a large-scale, grassroots demonstration would shake up politics as usual and help get the environment on the national agenda.  

It's now been 48 years since the first Earth Day demonstrations and many of the issues are the same as they were in 1970. At the same time there have been countless people dedicated on many different fronts to a healthier Earth and we are definitely in a time of increasing nature awareness, and a growing movement of Earth Rights.  O.N.E. is part of this movement and we would like to have even more impact especially in the vein of social action infused with nature consciousness-Sacred Earth Action.

Most of us would agree that it is not enough to recognize Earth Day once a year. As Nature Evolutionaries we do support Earth Day- the teach-ins, peaceful demonstrations, community gatherings-and mostly we encourage co-creative partnership with nature everyday.

It is your support that makes the work we do possible so please consider giving a monthly recurring donation of $10-$25 as a way to honor Earth Day year round and support ONE. Together we are growing Nature Consciousness and engaging in Sacred Earth Activism both socially and in our daily lives.  If you are not already receiving our emails we also invite you to sign up for our monthly newsletter (bottom of the page).