Damanhur: Opening the Doors of Possibility


"Being in Damanhur opens doors you didn’t know were closed.  Allowing you to go beyond your wildest imaginations and even further."

By Jen Frey

As I share Plant communication and the Music of the Plants, inevitably the conversation turns to Damanhur.  People want to know what it is like.  This is something that I have a hard time putting into words, as “Magical!” just doesn’t seem to be enough.


The eco-society of Damanhur in Italy is like no other place I’ve ever been.  Some of their unique aspects immediately stand out (like the artwork everywhere or the giant Plants painted on the buildings) and others take time to begin to notice.

Damanhur represents possibility.  The possibility of living in harmony with Nature.  The possibility of new discoveries.  The possibility of being the best person that I can be.  The possibility of what can be achieved when we work together.  

The first time that I visited, I was a little confused as we toured around the Open Temple.  The grounds were spotless, you couldn’t find a piece of trash anywhere and yet, there were gorgeous sculptures falling apart.  I was wondering how they could let the art get into such disrepair.  It took me a long time to realize that the issue wasn’t that they didn’t care about the art.  It was that they were experimenting!  They were trying new materials and methods to sculpt with and so the broken sculptures helped in their discoveries.

This inquisitiveness can be found throughout Damanhur and is what has led to the breathtaking artwork in The Temples of Humankind, unique healing techniques, and research into Plant Intelligence, among many other advancements.  Part of the philosophy of Damanhur is to try, dream, experiment, change, and play.


For over 40 years, the citizens of Damanhur have been committed to healing the perceived separation of Humans and Nature and helping Humanity to reach our potential.  Which means that as a collective society they are dedicated to being Nature Evolutionaries, recognizing the Sacred in all.  This dedication and commitment is palpable.  It allows visitors to more easily connect with Nature consciousness and re-member our rightful place as part of Nature.  Damanhur acts as a model for how we could live in alignment with Nature, honoring the Sacred.  In fact, the United Nations recognized Damanhur as a model for a sustainable society.

Being in Damanhur opens doors you didn’t know were closed.  Allowing you to go beyond your wildest imaginations and even further.  Helping you to access both ancient memories and future possibilities. 

Mostly when I share about Damanhur, I say, “Go!”  For while, I enjoy sharing my stories of having ceremony with the Mother Tree in the Sacred Woods, meditating with the Selfica paintings in the Gallery, sleeping in the Temples of Humankind, having the most profound healing experience of my life, connecting with the incredible people, or eating the unbelievable Violet gelato bars; there is not a story nor picture nor video that can capture the power, beauty, and magic of Damanhur.  This is a place that MUST be experienced.  And as I’m learning the more time you spend there, the more mysteries are revealed.  The more the impossible becomes possible.

Join O.N.E. for this once in a lifetime opportunity and connect deeply with Nature Consciousness in Damanhur: JOURNEY OF TRANSFORMATION AND DEEP ENCOUNTER WITH NATURE IN THE MAGICAL LAND OF DAMANHUR.

Jen Frey is a Healer, Mentor, Earth Advocate and Voice of the Plants. She is the Founder of Heart Springs Sanctuary, where she helps people deepen their connection with nature through plant communication.  Jen has dedicated her life to the spiritual path of plant work. Her apprenticeship certification programs, ceremonies, retreats and workshop offerings are designed for people wanting to open their hearts, fall in love with plants and deepen their relationship to the planet.  Jen, along with Pam Montgomery, is guiding the O.N.E. Journey to Damanhur.
To learn more about Jen, visit www.brigidsway.com