Uncovering our Creative Medicine

By Lou Thompson

In the current climate, our planet asks us to do more.  For us to fulfill this obligation, we must first agree to heed the call to adventure by our soul.  Through self-healing, we will awaken and find our soul path.  Each of us is already an activist— we just forgot.  It’s a matter of finding one’s particular gift. My gift revealed itself in the form of writing personalized short stories for adults.  I ignite magic and curiosity for the reader —who is the hero of the tale— and bring in wisdom to help unstick them on their path.  Nature plays a big part of the adventure alongside lessons from the soul journey as we manoeuvre through the wild woods to get to the heart. 

The hero's journey is how it begins.

 The soul wants to find and sing.

 The sleeping character hears a call.

 No task too big. No journey too small. 

Who am I? For years I worked in Human Resources and dreamt of a life I knew I should be living.  My soul was calling me to task, and I was more lost than an explorer in the mist without his map, compass, and intuition. I wouldn’t call it a depression, in general, I wasn’t sad.  But Something was missing.  

As a child, I spent some time outside in nature, but mostly I immersed myself in books, dreaming of worlds where magic exists. This planet was not fun and certainly didn’t contain magic. Or so it appeared. 

In my adult life, people kept talking about love and light, and I found myself thinking, “What about the dark, the dense descent of the soul that every storyteller knows is required before our hero gets his treasure?”

My story goes like this: I fell head first down a deep, dark well that was guarded by large gnarly toads.  I sat in this well for quite some time.  In fact, I stayed there long enough to enjoy the isolation and befriend the toads who continued to mock my situation in glee.  Welcome to the hero’s journey.

During my descent, the rucksack got heavy and it felt like an uphill climb.  I remember thinking one day, “why is life always trying to steal my joy? It’s mine and, you can’t have it.”  

sacred earth activism

Nature was my healer.  As I continued my quest, the layers of the soul became uncovered like an onion.  As my soul blossomed, my Nature consciousness birthed  itself.

I realized that each of us, when we are ready, will descend on our adventure and into the cave. Here we will find our elixir for sharing. Through self healing and awakening, we uncover our medicine. There is no need to be afraid because Nature is always with us. Allies and omens will follow us wherever we go. Animal totems will turn up in unexpected places. If we listen in the stillness, She will help us escape the well. The toads will help. 

Joy and growth, they wish to be found

as we continue the merry-go-round.

Weaving with the wind, we uncover our flow.

Returning to self our medicine will show.

Lou Thompson writes magical personalized stories for adults. You can find her work and contact her at