Call of Mountains and Minerals

by Jennifer Radtke My rose crystal heart nestled in eagle feathers beats my soul’s rhythm.

I grew up in Wisconsin, land flattened by glacrose quartziers and far from any mountains.  I felt connected to the plants, to nature, to the beautiful water spirit of Lake Michigan, but the mountains and crystals were out of sight, out of mind.  Even after moving to Northern California, it took fifteen years before their voice got loud enough for me to hear.

Four years ago, in the midst of doing a healing on a friend with plant spirits, a crystal appeared in my right hand -  not physically, but the spirit of the crystal.  It drew out and absorbed energy.  Next, a different crystal appeared in my 3rd eye and beamed light down during the healing.  At that time I was so oblivious to crystals, (thinking they were too airy-fairy for me) that I didn’t know any names or recognize   particular crystals or gems.  The ones that appeared in the healing were specific stones that my sub-conscious or my soul was well acquainted with.  It was clear to me after the healing that the crystals were reaching out to me and I needed to study them.  My friend had just the teacher to point me to, with a class starting a month or two later.

rainbow obsidian

On one of my excursions to buy crystals for the class, I came across a large rainbow obsidian stone.  I thought it too large and expensive, but decided to meditate with it at the store for a couple minutes.  It immediately said to me, “I am yours” and transported me to a past life as a shaman where I worked with it and other crystals doing healings.  In my first dream journey with the plant spirit of Tulsi (Holy Basil) some five years before, Tulsi had shown me a black stone portal, and now here it was in the real world.

I discovered that crystals had been appearing with the plant spirits all along, but I just hadn’t been paying attention.   In my very first journey to a plant spirit, Yerba Mansa gave me a golden crown with rubies to represent her healing gifts and to picture over my 2nd chakra to heal it.  The Mugwort plant spirit gave me a moonstone ring to represent her healing gifts.  And as I read back over my notes from years ago, I realize the crystals were always present, but it took that healing for me to hear them knocking at my door.

When I traveled to Ireland, to do a Plant Initiation with Elecampane, I had 4 days beforehand to travel by myself.  The land that drew me in was the Burren, a very rocky landscape. I have always been anxious and out of sorts traveling and being on unfamiliar land.  I was surprised to find that the rocky hillsides fading down into the ocean to the west felt like the California coast.  I felt so relaxed and at home, that I kept being surprised when someone opened their mouth and spoke with an Irish accent.

The manager at the Doolin hostel recommended I go visit a rocky mountain/hill called Mullaghmor and showed me a photo on the wall.  I said I might go on my last day there, on the way to the Plant Initiation.   On the last day, I decided to sightsee on the 2-3 hr journey, with Mullaghmor as the last possible stop.  Halfway there I stopped at a store for some food and ran into the hostel manager.  He asked if I was going to Mullaghmor.  I figured that now, at this second message, the mountain was calling and I’d better go.  He gave me directions, without which I wouldn’t have found it, as the Irish roads are mostly not marked.


It was pouring rain all day, but as I arrived at Mullaghmor, it stopped.  I walked out to the lakeshore and looked across at Mullaghmor.  The sun burst through the thick dark clouds for a few minutes.  I felt the mountain aligning me in a new way.  But most of all for those minutes, I felt the reflection of the 3 major energies making me up:  the powerful, calm, serious Mountain Spirit of Mullaghmor, the clear, flowing, blue Water Spirit of the lake, and the bright white Star Spirit of the sun.  I felt illuminated and at home.

I thank the Crystal and Mountain Spirits for patiently calling out to me until I could hear, and I ask them to do the same for all humans on this earth.  May we open our hearts and minds so we can hear their voices the first time they speak.