Celebrating One and All!

fern in a forest of moss Story and Photo by Paula Kaiman

The Organization of Nature Evolutionaries (ONE) was first conceived of at Partner Earth Education Center, fondly referred to by many as "Sweetwater Sanctuary," at the base of Marble Mountain in Danby, Vermont. It was the dream of Pam Montgomery whose love of the Earth, and especially the Plants, is shared with and enthusiastically embraced by scores of students and healers who come together at these tumbling wild waters to teach and learn, to join as One:

  • One with the Plants.
  • One with the Earth.
  • One with Ourselves.
  • One with Each Other.
  • One Heart, in union with All.

Often, those who leave Sweetwater do so as a changed soul. We value our time there, forging special bonds in a weekend workshop, or nurturing deeper connections in a Plant Spirit Healing Apprenticeship. And then we yearn. To implement that which we've learned. To weave it into our lives in the world beyond that of sanctuary. To honor and create the sacred, amidst the everyday. To continue to share with like-minded others. To reach beyond our circle. To remain connected.

ONE is now unfolding as a blossoming way to do so, in the multi-petaled format of "Life Art Gardens." In recognition of those who've helped inspire the dream, and in glad anticipation of others yet to come, we gather together in a new way now---at a new stream, in a new circle of Green---the Organization of Nature Evolutionaries. May the circle be expanded and our gardens richly blessed!

In Spirit... I'll meet you at the edges of the stream. I'll see you from my sit-spot, beneath the whispering trees.

I'll hear your fae-like music in the ferns about my knees. I'll sing with you at starlit fires and dance with you in Green.

I'll greet you in the gardens and embrace you in the ether. I'll walk with you in Spirit... One Heart with you in Dream.