Farming with Reverence


About GreenFriends Farm,  by Guinevere McGregor

The mission of GreenFriends Farm is to advance innovation and integration of ecologically-conscious farming and land management practices through education and demonstration.

Greenfriends Farm is the organization of individuals and resources with the goal of applying Amma’s teachings of selfless service to care for Mother Nature by developing and managing an agricultural based directive on the M.A. Center land in San Ramon, California.

Greenfriends Farm has three main areas of focus: Agricultural development and crop production; land stewardship of the M.A. Center land; and educational outreach through workshops, courses, and internships.

The agricultural component of Greenfriends Farm has the primary goal of developing an ecologically based farming system for food crop production on the arable lands of the M.A. Center property. Bychildplanting applying innovative organic farming techniques to an overall farm ecology design based upon permaculture principles, safe and healthy food crops will be produced for sales, donations, and ashram use while enhancing and maintaining soil health and land quality.

The land stewardship component of Greenfriends Farm shares the vision of caring for Amma’s San Ramon ashram land, watershed, plants, and wildlife by helping to develop an overall land management plan that recognizes the potentials and possibilities to utilize land resources to meet ashram goals, while protecting, restoring, and preserving the land ecology.

The educational program of Greenfriends Farm offers course workchildrenplant and experience in permaculture, ecologically based farming, and land stewardship directions by attracting educators and experts in these fields to teach classes while utilizing the ashram farm and land resources as a living laboratory for innovative research and demonstration.

Green Friends Farm also strives to educate families on steps they can do to conserve water and energy. We also strive to offer opportunities for families to connect with nature and all her gifts.

For more about Green Friends Farm:

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