Growing ONE-ness

Dear Nature Evolutionaries, Boris Austin


You know who you are! You who are dreaming a new world into being, a world where the sacred in nature is recognized and celebrated, where all beings have rights, where the human realm and the more than human realm are no longer separate, and where we are working together for the health and joy of our planet, propelled and guided by the power of our Love.It is easy to feel alone, like you are the only one living an Earth-centered life or supporting Seed sovereignty.  But the truth is that there are many of us.  Like points of light, when we come together, we create a beam; we are powerful, and we effect change. Our beam brightens the world around us and illuminates the way forward.



The Organization of Nature Evolutionaries, ONE,  is  a gatherer, bringing all those points of Light together.  Some may be people or organizations who have been living/working co-creatively with Nature for a long time, others may never have heard the term co-creative partnership before.  We try to support you wherever you are, by connecting organizations and individuals so that their work may deepen - as we did with the Tree Orienting of the Bristle Cone Pine in California, or by giving you knowledge and skills to create your own ceremonies - our video of the Gratitude Circle for Water.

Esperide with Damanhur youth delegation and bristlecone pines in California

We’ve grown fuller since the first seed of ONE was planted in 2013. We have
  • Published our thought provoking, soul enriching, and inspiring newsletter with unique articles such as “The Beauty of Uranium”
  • Become a non-profit organization in the statgroup_councile of Vermont
  • Supported an amazing Elder whose work sustains a center in the Yasuni National Forest of Ecuador
  • Held Plant Concerts
  • Held ceremonies for healing our Earth including Councils of All Beings
  • Created a beautiful website, an incredible resource and inspiration for anyone who wants to walk this life
  • And so much more

All the while adhering to our intentions of working through the Heart, working co-creatively with Nature and the unseen forces, and honoring the Sacred in All.

As we look to the year ahead, our growth seems to be exponential!  We plan to:
  • File for our 501c3 status
  • Host a tele-seminar
  • Grow our newsletter
  • Expand our website
  • Create more videos
  • Hold more ceremonies
  • Connect with other organizations
  • Hire an office manager
  • Continue to speak for the Earth and All her Beings


We ask you to please support ONE by making a donation to help this work grow and help us bring our dream of a better world into fruition.  On our website, you will see that we have many fabulous and unique thank you giftsto choose from (many of which have limited quantities, so make your choice soon!) and of course, you can always choose no-gift.  We greatly appreciate any size donation.

angelica love

As a Nature Evolutionary, you are a part of ONE.  We invite you to add your light to our beam by commenting on our blog; sharing your co-creative work; informing us of your classes, ceremonies, gatherings, political actions, or creative endeavors; contributing to our newsletter through articles, photos, videos, artwork, poems, stories, reflections on our articles, and of course by sharing ONE with your friends.

We thank you for your support!

With Love and ONEness, The Visioning Council