In Gratitude for the Elements: New Moon ~ Full Moon

This month, we invite you to join in two gratitude circles, for the new moon and the full moon. The new moon circle (March 30) will focus intention, the full moon circle (April 15) will encourage release of all that stands in the way of that intention. It is also fine to incorporate both these elements in a single circle or in both. FireThe focus this time is on an issue that has been weighing on the hearts and minds of many of us: fracking. Hydraulic fracturing, breaking up the earth with water, in order to get fuel for energy-fire, and concomitantly, often, polluting the air.

AirWe can begin in gratitude for all the elements: the purity of water, the freshness of air, the solidity of earth, the warmth of fire. We can acknowledge with gratitude the gifts oil and gas have given us—warm houses, the production and running of the tools we use for living.


We can also acknowledge the hurt that has been done to earth, water and air in the process of our taking these fuels. Further, we can offer the intention that we humans be guided by the earth’s wisdom on how to go forward, without doing harm, in a balanced way: balancing our human evolutionary needs with those of the natural world.

WaterDuring the releasing part of the ceremony, we can release our limiting belief:  that we can only continue to thrive by harvesting this resource. We can open ourselves to the abundance of energy in the universe and to working with sources that allow us to be in co-creation.

This is such a large topic, but in small ways, with trust in the power of shared purpose, we can begin!

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