In Gratitude for Water: March 1, 2014

by April Thanhauser

 ~ New Moon Gratitude Circle March 1 ~

This circle I did alone in my house, trusting that in fact I am part of a larger circle—by virtue of the interlinking network of ONE. I began by carefully watering all my house plants, feeling into the sensation of dry earth, thirsty roots, receiving the blessing of falling water.

Then I filled a pretty bowl with water. As I drew the water from the tap I thanked it, acknowledging the journey it had taken, once upon a time rainfall itself, down through the ground, through the aquifer into my well, then pushed and pumped up through pipes, plastic and copper, to make its gracious entrance through the chrome faucet. What a gift I receive thus, many times a day.

I placed the bowl on my altar—a little square table set for the sacred, with candles, burning sage, and a green plant. I called on the 7 directions, with thanks and a request to help me. I spoke my words of gratitude into the bowl of water, sending love through my hands and my breath. I meditated for a while in silence, feeling both the longing of parched earth and thirsty plants and the fullness of rainclouds, replete with moisture, poised to pour it forth. I conjured in my imagination the falling of gentle raindrops, the sigh of happiness when they touched the earth, when they sank in deep. I imagined the transpiration of the plants, the waters mixing with sunlight in the holy alchemy of the leaves. I felt the lifting of water back into air as well as its sinking deep into the earth.

Then I took my bowl of water outside and tossed it with my fingertips into the air, watching it fall in scattering drops, beseeching water spirit to bring rain to the thirsty places on the earth, and offering my gratitude for the abundance of moisture where I am now: snow, ice, mud and rain. I closed my circle with thanks and acknowledgement of those with whom I had joined in making these intentions.

*         *         *

We’ve recently learned that the 13 Grandmothers have put out a call to join them - from where ever you are - in a water blessing ceremony on March 22, World Water Day. Click here to read more about it - and register to participate.

Let’s join our circles with them in ceremony for the waters!