Gratitude for Air

We offer gratitude for clean air, for refreshing winds, for the ability to breathe freely.  And we send gratitude to those in positions of power, who are taking action to keep our air breathable. We  ask for the release of motives of greed or misunderstanding that seek to block such action in the name of profit or progress.  We send our love and gratitude to the beautiful element of air and we take time to appreciate its working in us. We may do breathing practices or simply breathe deep and give thanks! We  offer beautiful words, sent out through our breath to Air.

Listen to the air. You can hear it, feel it, smell it, taste it. Woniya wakan, the holy air, which renews all by its breath. Woniya wakan, spirit, life, breath, renewal, it means all that. --(John Lame Deer as cited in Earth Prayers ed. By Elizabeth Roberts and Elias Amidon)

Wild air, world-mothering air, Nestling me everywhere…. This air, which, by life’s law, My lungs must draw and draw Now but to breathe its praise --(Gerard Manley Hopkins as cited in Earth Prayers)