May New Moon Gratitude Circle Tonight

Tonight's the full moon in Gemini, queen of duality, and I'm offering gratitude for ONEness and connection.

All the outreach efforts of ONE on the East Coast have been focused on our Spring Fling this Saturday. So we haven't posted a new message re gratitude circles for this new moon. The Spring Fling itself will be an offering of gratitude.

Still, I'd like to invite any who can, tonight, to join me in special gratitude for our Organization of Nature Evolutionaries and all who are and will be drawn to us, and the awakening in all of us to our deep deep connection, with each other, and with Mama Earth. On the full moon we can ask for the release, in society, of outmoded cultural paradigms of separation and, in ourselves, of outworn patterns of isolation. Tonya Lemos gave me this great word "connectivity". I'm offering gratitude for connectivity in all its forms. Next month I hope to focus our gratitude circle on the pollinators, who are a fine example of this.

Jaclyn, a member of the journey to Ecuador with Rocio just sent out a shout to the fellow travelers: "what if we all pray every day for the people with all the money and power to awaken to the earth and to their hearts and souls?"

Perhaps tonight, and onward, we can offer gratitude for this awakening, and the intention for it to spread and reach and touch us all including those in the "seats of power"  And give thanks for ONE as a catalyst for this intention!

with love and great appreciation!