Messages from the Plant World

by Liddy Flewwelling

Messages from the Plant World is a deck of transformational Plant Spirit Healing cards created by Liddy Flewwelling. Here is the story of how they came to be.

This project has been a co-creation with the spirits of the plants that grow in abundance all around us. It has been both an opportunity for me to share my work, as well as a way to give something back to the plants.

It is my hope that Messages from the Plant World will support personal transformation, as well as inspire a deeper exploration of the plant world; that the cards will be a source of inspiration, reminding us of the qualities we need to cultivate to become more balanced human beings and to live in greater harmony with the Earth. 

Fringed Gentian

I was introduced to the spiritual dimension of the plant world in the late 90’s. As I embarked on the study of plant spirits I was hoping to gain a more intimate relationship with the plants themselves. Like many of you, I was not disappointed!

Since then I have journeyed to dozens of plants in both Eastern Canada and New England and have developed an intimate relationship and a profound respect for the plant world. The gifts I have received have changed my life both personally and professionally.

Several years ago, I spent a few weeks walking the Camino in Spain. It was tough going at times but what drew me on and gave me courage were the beautiful flowering plants that dotted the countryside. They felt like old friends, cheering me on.

Bleeding Heart

When I returned home my daughter gave me a camera for my birthday and I began taking their pictures. Even though I am not a professional photographer, I ended up with many beautiful photos, (I think they liked having their pictures taken) and I was inspired to do something special with them - and then it hit me: a deck of cards.

Visioning was the easy part; manifestation was a much harder process. One of the main lessons was to allow things to unfold. As one friend put it, ‘of course it’s slow, they’re plants!’ When I journeyed to the ‘Spirit of the Plants’ for clarification, I was told that, it was, in fact, their idea!

As the cards started to come together, I decided  to create an accompanying booklet in which I highlighted each plant’s essence. I did this by sharing the ‘messages’ that I received from my plant journeys. This was not always an easy task as it was difficult to describe something essentially beyond words.


Finally, when trying to find a printer that would do the plants justice I asked one of my clients, an artist, if she had any ideas. She suggested a place called ‘Photosynthese’, (photosynthesis). When I heard the name I became excited and thought ‘this must be the place!’ When I arrived there, Mugwort - a main ally of mine - was growing all up and down the block. I could not have asked for a better sign!

It was often a difficult decision as to which plants would be part of this deck. For example, I couldn’t decide whether to include Burdock or not because the picture was blurry. As such a powerful plant, I wanted it to be part of the deck. I took it out and then put it back several times in fact. Reluctantly, I finally decided not to include. But, like Burdock in daily life, it is not so easy to get rid of.


With the cards already at the printers I tried to let go of it - but then there were some ‘delays’. Meanwhile, the warm days of spring called me back outdoors and one day, as I was walking home from the park with my grandson, not only did I encounter a flowering Burdock in all its glory -  I just happened to have my camera!

I hold these instances of synchronicity as a few examples of the many ways the plants act as generous and attentive guardians in our lives. Plants are givers. At whatever level you engage with them, I hope you will graciously accept their humble offerings.

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