Mountain Temples and Planetary Peace

by Esperide Ananas damanhur valley

In Italy, in a small valley at the foothill of the Alps, lies one of the places with the highest concentration of different minerals on the planet. Its name is Valchiusella, and it is believed to be on one of the most important energy points on the Earth.

It is here that over 40 years ago Damanhur-federation of 0004communities was born, and it is in the heart of one of the Mountains that enclose the valley that the extraordinary Temples of Humankind were built.

Excavated by hand by the citizens of Damanhur, for the first 16 years—from 1978 to 1992—the Temples were built in total secrecy and using only the most basic tools. With dedication, devotion and great enthusiasm a small group of Damanhurian citizens dug out of a hard rock Mountain one of the most extraordinary buildings on Earth.

The Damanhurians chose this location because their research on the power places of the earth indicated that this valley is the meeting point of four Synchronic Lines, the energy lines that wrap around and inside our planet and, passing through the sun, connect it to the universe.

In 1996 structural tests were carried out by a geological survey company, which was amazed to find that all the chambers were completely sound despite the fact that those who built them had no formal construction training. Furthermore, it was found that the Temple had been constructed within a seam of Mylonite, a 300 million year old rock characterized by its powerful telluric energies. So twenty years after construction of the Temple had begun, official scientific research proved that it was indeed a place with extraordinary natural energy.


The eight Halls of the Temples are built on several levels to be perfectly inside the flow of the Synchronic lines: for this reason, the Temples of Humankind are a powerful amplifier of all meditation processes, and allow for a deep communion with the divine aspect contained in every human being.

The myriad works of art hosted in the Temples give each of eight Halls a unique atmosphere. Each room is a page of a great book of knowledge, in which every color, every size and every detail have a meaning.

The Temples are a testimony to hope, optimism and faith in the goodness of human nature. They are an example of how a small group of people united by a strong ideal can create an extraordinary work, and turn into reality an impossible dream.


And Damanhurians seem to never run out of impossible dreams. As the art works for the Temples of Humakind continue to expand, the citizens of the community are designing a much larger Temple, dedicated to the precious wisdom of native peoples from around the world. The “Temple of Concord of Peoples” will be created inside an abandoned stone quarry, in the woodland area adjacent to the Temples of Humankind. All the new spaces will be enclosed within a very large dome, constructed thanks to new and innovative technology and will be rich in works of art, so that artists from all over the world can participate in the realization of this project.

The ultimate aim is that the “Temple of Concord of Peoples” will become a meeting point for all human cultures, wisdoms and spiritual traditions: a place to inspire new hope, a true Parliament of Peoples from which to construct the path towards a planet of peace and harmony.