Orienting the Oldest Trees on the Earth

By Erin Summers, O.N.E. Visioning Council Member Bristlecone Pine

This August I made a trip to the Eastern Sierra Nevada Mountain range to meet a group of superheroes at the "Trees" Motel in Bishop, California. From there, we embarked on a journey up into the White Mountains to visit the oldest trees on the planet. Esperide, an ambassador from the Damanhur community in Italy, traveled to this part of California with five adolescents born and raised within the Italian community.

Their mission was to pay respects to these ancient trees and perform a ceremonial tree orientation with the intention of repairing the human relationship with these trees and to listen to any messages the trees wanted to share. Marza, a Grandmother Elder of the Wind Creek Yavapai Tribe who leads annual trips with her apprentices to the Bristlecone Pine trees, offered to be our guide. April and River were among the rest of the superheroes who made this trip possible.

Here we were in the middle of August, ascending the mountain to reach the oldest tree in the world and clouds began to fill the sky above. We reached the ranger station and the rangers encouraged us to waste no time as a storm front was moving in within a few hours. We raced up the mountain roads with our caravan destined to make it in time to Patriarch Grove where lived the second oldest tree in the world, some 4,000 plus years old. We arrived at 11,000 feet where the trees were growing in an ocean of white rock, Volcanic Dolomite, a super conductor which is connected to the pyramids of Giza. It is only in this rock that the trees thrive.

We paid our respects to the tree. The winds picked up and a chill set in. Grandmother Marza sang to the tree and offered blessings. We sat with the tree, received it’s messages and performed the tree orientation. One of the teens from Damanhur had a profound journey into the root network of the tree and through golden visions, experienced a complex network of interconnections below the surface, much like neurons. The overall feeling was that the trees had been waiting a very long time for us to come and perform this re-connection. April had been doing the orienting of the trees with a Spheroself from Damanhur and after, when she took pictures of the tree, could see a blue hue of light being emitted from the tree.

We were all very much in the day dream of the trees when we heard a yell from the parking lot, "Lets go! " Marza, who is called Blue Thunder Cloud, made the signal that we were to leave immediately. Before we could even decide if we wanted to listen to her advice she and her assistant sped off down the mountain. We jumped in the cars quickly, began down the mountain after her and almost immediately rain began to pound our cars. Thunder sounded, then followed the lightening. We are talking about the middle of a California summer, running for cover from a storm! We wanted to hang on but our job was done.

Here we were, forces, joined from different cultures, coming together, aligned as human beings, with the trees and the forces of nature! What a ride. River and I filmed a big part of the experience too. Stay tuned for a behind the scenes peak at this adventure with the upcoming link to our youtube video.