People Who Plant Trees

The hero of the small book The Man Who Planted Trees (Jean Giono, 1953) inspired many hope-filled tree planters to bring back life to desolate places. Protecting the planet from deforestation is critical, and nurturing new forests is a practical and optimistic action for the future of us all. Two dedicated organizations, which embrace a broad social, spiritual and environmental vision for their tree planting work, are described below, in the words of their directors. Please take time to look at their websites. They both invite our involvement!

“SeedTree aims at preserving and renewing ecosystems and their  biodiversity, particularly forests, through the human ecology.   Thus we aim to galvanize human communities to actions that will make their lives and those of their neighboring botanic communities more sustainable and healthy.   These may include indigenous species seed collection, nursery and strategic  tree planting programs, kitchen gardening,  implementing renewable and energy conserving technologies like improved stoves or home biogas systems, rural non-formal education in environmental systems with applied human ecology, or targeted micro-credit to extend these activities.  Our primary and continuing project work is in Nepal.” Carol Kinsey executive director


TreeSisters is a global women’s movement inspiring nature-based feminine leadership and crowd funding tropical reforestation. Our vision is audacious; to accelerate tropical reforestation through the shared creativity and courage of a global network of women.

TreeSisters is a call to every woman that longs to contribute to the Great Turning. We want to discover what becomes possible when millions of women direct their shared energies towards a common goal: tropical reforestation through crowd funding, rooted in feminine leadership and heart-based behavior change.

Who We Are:

We are a constellation of every day, ordinary women who know that the extraordinary is not only possible, but probable when women gather with a shared vision and dream. We believe women across the globe are dreaming the same dream: a thriving planet for our children’s children to call home.

We’re a UK based charity with a growing international team of social entrepreneurs, cultural midwifes, creatives, volunteers and a skilled, experienced Board of Trustees. Our first 15,000 fast growing dry tropical evergreen trees are being planted in Southern India this monsoon. We have over 40,000 followers on Facebook and 3,500 treesister members. To find out more please go to”

Edveeje Fairchild—director of Operations