Seeds of the Past Become Fruit of the Future

by Pam Montgomery I want to take this opportunity to once again thank all the many seeders of ONE who on good faith and PamMontgomerytrust generously donated money to the Go Fund Me campaign which officially launched ONE. Because of all of you we have been successfully sprouting this organization for a year and a half now.

The very first ONE seed was planted at our initial meeting in the winter of 2013 and since then a wide variety of seeds have found their way to ONE. Ideas have fermented turning into rich brews of savory delights while actions have blossomed promising to bear delicious fruit. I’d like to share some of these so you can get a whiff of this gift of a bouquet that your seed money has become and how you have contributed to “connecting the heart of humanity with the heart of nature”.

Working with a group of dedicated Visioning Council members and other Earth- committed contributors we have brought you a monthly on-line newsletter reflecting different themes every quarter. This quarter and spring season our topic is seeds. What an appropriate time to share with you all that we have been seeding. Along with these themes, through the focus of Ceremony, we engage in Gratitude circles each new and full moon. These Gratitude circles give an opportunity to come together in groups or individually to be in gratitude for some aspect of nature – seeds, mountains, minerals, trees, water, and pollinators are a few we have joined with in creative union.

At the core of ONE is bringing the sacred into all the work we do with and for Earth. With this in mind hands2and through the focus of Spiritual Activism we joined together with citizens of the Federation of Damanhur in Italy to help with the unification of the three mother worlds of Humans, Trees/Plants and Nature Spirits. This work they have initiated is carried out by what is called tree orientation. We gathered at the most ancient trees in North America – the Bristle Cone Pines of California to reunite this trinity. We are in the process of producing a video so you, too, can join (energetically and virtually) in this momentous occasion. We have ventured on our own to other areas for tree orientation in Vermont, Pennsylvania, Massachusetts and Golden Gate Park in San Francisco.

We have brought Plant Concerts to conferences and classes to highlight the aspect of Education so that others may receive a direct experience of communication with plants and realize how closely related we are to Green Beings. When direct revelation occurs you are able to engage with the spirit in all life. This classic “shamanic” way of walking in the world is shared in many of the courses we support.

Through the focus of Healing we have supported the Collective Healing Network that joins in a conference call weekly to work together for some aspect of healing either for the Earth or an individual. Jenny's 2Landscapes or altars are created for the express purpose of healing and then the landscapes are worked with and as one member suggests, “my landscape is a conversation with the sacred”. In addition, we have been the umbrella organization to collect money for teacher, healer, Shaman, Rocio Alarcon to aid in her recent health challenge. Our intention is to continue to co-creatively join with like minded organizations such as Tree Sisters, Federation of Damanhur, Partner Earth Education Center and Brigid’s Way, to mention a few.

The areas of focus we are currently working with are: ceremony, spiritual activism, education, healing, creative expression and stewardship. Even though these may seem like they are separate topics, we find that they weave in and out of each other creating a beautiful tapestry of ONE. What knits this fabric together is our website which is newly renovated. Please visit our website and comment on the articles and what you see. We plan to keep this website up to date and fresh so there will always be something new to enjoy.

Other seeds that have been planted are that we have become a non-profit corporation and are now seeking 501c3 status with the IRS so we can accept tax-deductible donations.. We have brought a new Visioning Council member on board, Donna Reynolds, and continue to seek others who would like to serve on committees and help with the good work of ONE. Give us your ideas and let us know what you would like to see ONE do. We are striving for more ways to involve you and bring the benefits of ONE to you.

Thank you for loving Earth and all her beings.