The SEEDERS List is growing.

thanks to all who have seeded this new organizationEach week we engage in a Gratitude Circle where prayers are offered for people, events in the world, for healing of people and Earth, or any and all that needs to be held in peace, love and light . Each week we will include in our Gratitude Circle ALL the people who are seeders of ONE that are making donations via Go Fund Me. Click here to see a growing list of those seeders - except for folks who choose to remain anonymous.

In recognition of your generosity below are many of those who have helped seed the Organization of Nature Evolutionaries. A Heart-felt THANK YOU to everyone of you as well as those who prefer to remain Anonymous.


ROSE Level

Suzanne Johnson John Travis Peter Weston Jackie Wooden Eleanor Crescenzi Lucy Swenson Nancy Scarzello Jane Cappelli Cindy Justice Deb Holmgren Cathy & Todd Walker Barbara Parker Meg Keoppen Deni Bluestein Sara Fishkin Sharon Bauer Rosy Evans Ustya Tarnawsky Marion Lane Brittany Wood Nickerson Marilyn Kenoyer


Liddy Flewwelling Pat Crocker


Jean Marie Courtney Humboldt Herbals Marti Dodge Dharani Burnham Sal Mark Karine Gordineer Annie Kay Joy Cameron Mary Ryan Christopher Berg John Place