This is guided online learning will lead you in your own Experience

and journey in creating deeper partnership with nature and identifying and cultivating an alliance with a unique expression of nature. Allies can come in many forms such as plants, mountains, trees, rivers, lakes, animals, mythical beings… Your ally is waiting to meet you and make relationship with you. They want to work with you in making a positive shift in your life and support you in contributing to a thriving Earth.

As a human being and a Nature Evolutionary you know at the core of yourself that you must participate NOW in a global Green Renaissance to benefit the generations to come. And to have the greatest impact, you must be in partnership with Nature. You are not alone and together and in connection with Earth herself, we can make a difference.

This course is a combination of left-brain and right-brain activity. There is written material to read and chew on; audio to inspire and guide you, and practices that take you into your body, exploring your relationship with Nature through meditation, movement and felt experience.


This course is perfect for people who:

  • want to grow their connection with nature

  • want to be in an ongoing relationship with their natural world

  • want to receive guidance and input from nature or deepen this part of life

  • are looking for strength and direction in how to move forward during the times we are living right now


Meeting Your Nature Ally Journey

  • 4 weeks of content, including written material and audio

  • Step by step guidance in connecting with your nature ally

  • Further background resources to go deeper in places you called more strongly

  • This course will be live so you will get direct feedback from the O.N.E.Visioning Council to your written responses


Each lesson is designed to take you further into the process…


Welcome to the Course! Your relationship with nature, healing


Meeting your Nature Ally


Deepening your connection with your ally; direct communication


Reciprocity: nourishing and strengthening relationship


How you’ll pay:

The Organization of Nature Evolutionaries is a 501-C3 non-profit organization. Vision council members donate their time to make this work possible and we depend entirely on donations to operate. We want this course to be accessible to all who want to do this important work of healing separation and connecting with nature. We also ask that, if you are able, you consider paying a larger amount to support the work O.N.E. is doing. Payment options are $25, $40, $55, $80 or “other”.

What people are saying about the Meeting Your Nature Ally course…

I was concerned that I wouldn’t have the time, but this was perfect. I could do it on my own schedule and could hardly wait from each week to the next. Thank you!- Busy Mom

I love it! O.N.E. is Brilliant! Great combination of information and experience- Sam Walker

Before , I did not understand the underlying sense of loneliness I felt. Connecting with nature through the guidance of this course has really changed that for me.-Ima Truth

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Extra Stuff

Have you been a Nature Evolutionary for years but had no language for it? Are you trying to find your way through the times we are living in right now, staying centered and/or wanting to make a difference?

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As we take our place or step into our role as a part of Nature we begin to remember what it is like to to be in unity with that which gives us our life. We circle through the spiral and allow this evolutionary movement to bring us even deeper into kindred partnership.


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