Ceremony is a conscious act of connecting to the vast web of life. We express gratitude for this connection as we partner with all our relations and move into deep communion, finding our common union, with Nature Consciousness.” 
— Pamela Montgomery

Ceremony and Nature Consciousness

As we take part in Earth-honoring ceremonies, we find we are guided into appropriate, effective action on behalf of Nature. At the same time, the intentions and gestures of the ceremony activate beneficial responses in the seen and unseen worlds—the ceremony itself becomes sacred activism. 

Nature Evolutionaries enter into deep and holy conversations with the forces of Nature through Ceremony. In this way  we come with sincere and open hearts to offer gratitude and receive inspiration and guidance from the spiritual forces of the more-than-human world.

Nature Gratitude Circles

We give praise and thanks and also focus our intentions for bringing balance to particular situations.  For example, if we are intending that a body of water be restored to health, we first offer thanks for healthy, living water, then ask for the release of the misunderstandings and greed that led to polluting it, then set the strong intention for all our waters to be free and pure.  We may visualize the beauty of free-running streams and clean rivers.  Key to the whole ceremonial act is our heartfelt love for our mother earth in all her forms:  rocks, trees, waters, weather, animals… and our fellow humans.

We invite you to join us by holding Gratitude Circles of your own, and to inspire you along this path, we have outlined some of the basic elements you might want to include below. 

Guidance For Your Own Ceremony

Though a ceremony needs a form, and forms that are repeated over time gain power, you will find that a spirit of spontaneity and playfulness is also welcome. Maybe you will be moved to dance or drum or sing. The spirits of nature are fed by happiness and beauty! To see the illustrations more fully, click the images below.



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