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Wild Water: an Urban Sanctuary Garden with Mark and Emily Mattison


June 11, 2017

Join Mark and Emily Mattison as they share their experience in creating and caring for Wild Water, an urban sanctuary garden.  Nestled among a multitude of Brownsfield Industrial sites along the Saginaw River in Bay City Michigan is the Wild Water Sanctuary Garden.  The name celebrates the Saginaw as a wild river and the garden is located on Arbor Street which runs along the river as it meanders through the city.  The garden is comprised of about 10 acres consisting of islands, wetlands, homes and intermittent open city lots.

Wild Water has experienced many generations of change.  Technology, industry, and invasive species have brought about the most recent changes.  Over the years, the Mattisons have been witness to the powerful adaptive capabilities of Nature to protect and transform itself to balance the various activities and influences on this environment.

The Mattisons are learning to be co-creative partners in maintaining a responsible stewardship of this sanctuary garden and hope to share and teach others about their experiences with onsite educational programming.