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Rivers and Consciousness with Jarvis Smith


Sunday May 20, 2018
3-4PM EDT, 12-1PM PDT

Join O.N.E. and Jarvis Smith, entrepreneur, singer/songwriter and Earth Ambassador, in exploring the connection between our rivers and our state of consciousness. Rivers and their flow are intimately connected with the evolution and growth of our own journey. They exemplify how life is one constant interaction with everything there is, was and will be in all directions. Without trying to be too cryptic, is it possible that the effects of the man-made constructions, the blocking and re-directing, the poisoning and the plastic abuse of the rivers have manifested into human consciousness? Jarvis would like to explore and unfold parts of the history and story of the abuse of our rivers and how collectively we might not only reverse that cycle, but create a clearer, cleaner and more nourishing flow than ever before. So be it! 

Jarvis Smith is the media-owner of MyGreenPod, the founder P.E.A. (People. Environment. Achievement.) Awards and a singer/songwriter with The Phoenix Rose.

About 10 years ago, Jarvis made a life changing commitment to millions on channel 4’s ‘eco’- observational documentary ‘Dumped’: to focus his life’s work on inspiring the masses to live more consciously and be aware of the circumstances that effect our immediate environment. In his words “I want to do all I can before I die, knowing and feeling I did everything possible for my children’s future". Within months of making this commitment he was at work,  launching the world’s biggest ethical lifestyle publication: National Geographic GREEN in 2009.

He co- founded and runs MyGreenPod, the UK's leading ethical lifestyle media company and MyGreenPod magazine, distributed with the Guardian.

The magazine, website and awards event reach in excess of 6 million people. MyGreenPod was envisioned over 10 years ago with a plan to educate, engage and inspire consumers to become much more conscious about where they spend their money; Jarvis calls this Phase 1. Phase 2 (where we are now) is to offer a deeper insight into the consciousness of this collective, offering an invitation to become more spiritual and connected with Nature and therefore with our true nature.  Jarvis says this wasn't possible 10 years ago in the mainstream, but people are ready now:  questioning their own existence and how they fit in to the bigger story. 

To people who feel that the outside World is consistently letting them down, he says, “We are beginning to offer tangible examples of unified consciousness and show how this will support your own journey —through the decisions you make to create a better place now and for our future generations.”

Jarvis studied with a Shaman in the UK for over 10 years in the sacred arts of Yoga, Sound, Healing and Listening. He cultivated a wonderful relationship with Source and always follows that guidance. He has a rich relationship with his angelic team and wisdom keepers. He describes himself as an Earth Ambassador in service to humanity and Gaia. 

Here is the recording for Jarvis' teleseminar and a big thanks to Jarvis and all the community that were on the call.  

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