Supporting the Vision and Guiding the Work of O.N.E. 

 Organization of Nature Evolutionaries 2017 Annual Meeting

Organization of Nature Evolutionaries 2017 Annual Meeting

Jen Frey

From an early age, Jen had a deep love for, and connection with, Nature and Nature Spirits and knew that she was meant to be a healer. As Jen continues to study different healing modalities and incorporate them into her healing practice, her relationship with the Divine in Nature is her guiding force.  What Jen particularly loves about O.N.E. is the deep reverence for all of Nature’s Beings held at the very core of the organization. She is also called by the gathering of community – which, she believes, is key for our evolution.

Emily Mattison

Emily lives between the wild shores of the Saginaw River in Michigan and the Trinity River in California. She is at home in the natural world – urban, rural or wild. She is a biologist, farmer, business woman and architect, working simultaneously in the non-profit and for-profit worlds to help train and raise consciousness with humans about being loving, responsible, co-creative citizens of nature.  Emily is action oriented, working with nature to develop farms, buildings, storehouses, galleries, programs, events and businesses – nationally and internationally – which feature this relationship in life. She is grateful for the many gifts and the great abundance that the Earth and the natural world we live in continue to provide for us all.

Pam Montgomery

Pam has been investigating plants and their intelligent spiritual nature for more than three decades. As an author, teacher and practitioner she has passionately embraced her role as a spokesperson for the plants who are guiding us in our spiritual evolution.  She is the author of Partner Earth; A Spiritual Ecology and the best selling Plant Spirit Healing; A Guide to Working with Plant Consciousness. She teaches internationally on plant spirit healing, spiritual ecology and people as Nature Evolutionaries. Her latest research is on the light and sound of plants which are foundational means of communication in the biological world. Pam has been visioning the O.N.E. for several years and in 2013 hosted the first organizational meeting in Vermont while others met in California. She has dedicated herself to co-creative partnership with all of life and feels the Organization of Nature Evolutionaries is a way to make this partnership manifest.

April Thanhauser

April lives on Martha’s Vineyard and Cape Breton Islands where she engages in and teaches Communing with Plants.  A practitioner of reflexology and Plant Spirit Healing, she is especially devoted to healing through limpias; spiritual bathing with plants. She is also a storyteller and puppeteer who delights in the cooperative making of community celebrations and ceremonies in honor of the natural world.  In ONE, she welcomes the opportunity to work for the resurgence of our human awareness of the sacred in nature and our rededication to the interconnectedness of all beings.


Julie Caldwell, MA

Julie lives in the Pacific Northwest coastal mountains of Northern California among the ancient Old Growth Redwood Forests and the wild Pacific coastline.  For the past 19 years, she has happily cultivated a vibrant retail herbal apothecary, Humboldt Herbals, in Old Town Eureka along Humboldt Bay.  She maintains a private practice devoted to People and Plants, and loves to travel and teach about People and Plant relationships.  She is deeply committed to the rights of the Earth and all her beings to flourish and thrive, and deeply aligned with the mission of O.N.E. to amplify communication with Nature Consciousness.


Elyshia Holliday

Elyshia is the Vision Implementer for O.N.E and contributes her many years of experience with small nature focused organizations .  Currently she shares time between the Columbia River Basin in Washington state and the high desert mountains of New Mexico where she is co-founder of a natural healing center.  Through her organizational work as well as her naturopathic practice she has dedicated much of her time and energy to helping restore the relationship between human beings and our mother, the Earth.