Connecting with Nature

Connecting with Nature can be as simple as bringing one’s breath into conscious awareness by breathing in oxygen which is the plants’ and trees’ out-breath and breathing out carbon dioxide which is the in-breath of the green beings. This is something we all do every second of every minute of every day. Through our breath, connecting with Nature is inherent.

For millennia people living close to Nature have been aware of the many ways in which we are a part of Nature, even in kinship with Nature. When we see Nature as kin we acknowledge and honor this symbiotic bond where biophillia (love of Nature) is the basis for our relationship. When we engage in biophillia our perspective shifts into making every action we take, one that takes into account how Nature will be affected.

Creating Wholeness with Nature

In order to be in co-creative partnership with Nature we must first heal the split that has occurred. One of the most effective ways to heal this separation is to understand, acknowledge and honor the gifts that a particular aspect of Nature carries. All humans and non-humans come to this Earth with gifts to share. Once we are able to see these gifts and how they mutually benefit all of life, a deep relationship is possible.

For example, a plant like poison ivy that creates a rash is not inherently ‘bad’. If we look beyond the surface we see that poison ivy is a major protector plant. This gift that poison ivy carries is for both Earth, on a physical level, and people, on an energetic level. Once we see that poison ivy is here to protect us, then we can stop our warring on poison ivy and step into a co-creative partnership. Each plant, tree, animal, rock, water course and landscape is here for a reason as part of the vast interconnected web of life and that reason may be beyond an immediate human benefit. When adopt the stance that all living beings and each aspect of nature is contributing to the dynamic balance of the Earth’s ecosystem we begin to understand how we are connected.

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