Art has the power to change our paradigm, to help us expand our view.  Through artwork, we can honor the Sacred, we can visualize the imaginary, and we can create new pathways, new worlds.  O.N.E. is happy to recognize the artwork of Nature Evolutionaries in our online gallery.  This gallery highlights the work of artists and creators whose co-creative partnership with Nature offers a perspective of healing, growth and change.  

Art of the Ocean

Rachel Baird

"I grew up by the ocean in San Francisco. I lived so close that sometimes I could hear the distant roar of waves as I went to sleep. It comforted me.  I went to the ocean as often as I could, usually daily, and found that the wave and wind would listen to my stories and clear me of anything I needed to let go of.  That I felt connected to everything through ocean.  I have always felt the most of who I am at the wave’s edge.  There I am aware of that drop in the ocean: being the single drop, being the whole ocean at the same time."

~ Rachel Baird


Rachel Baird is a conceptual artist, poet, peace activist whose work is a constantly expanding, shifting exploration into the world of consciousness and connectivity.  She is interested in bringing the viewer/reader and participant into creation, motion and energy from beyond the surface of what the naked eye perceives: The force of nature in all things.  Entering into nature, one can obtain personal peace and balance.  As we heal individually, we also heal collectively.  http://rachelbairdart.weebly.com/


Lauren Valle

"I had the great fortune to grow up with a salt marsh leading out to ocean in my backyard on Cape Cod. I have always felt that this landscape was the storehouse for my being. I also always felt that the ocean was my mother. I go to the ocean to feel her great primordial energy and to merge with her. Swimming in her waters through most of the year has always been my most powerful medicine.

I left the Cape for a decade to live in other places and returned four years ago. When I returned I felt compelled to paint the marsh where I grew up as a way to come home to myself. For me painting landscapes in one of the greatest forms of prayer and communion as it requires a total laying aside of thought. Painting is about quietness. I work to give my entire being to the landscape in front of me in hopes that what I am looking at and, most importantly, feeling, flows unhindered through my body and onto the canvas. It is an elusive, ecstatic, life-giving experience.   

Painting the ocean is always about reference points. The ocean herself is so vast and infinite that I am always painting something in relationship to the ocean: a landmass, trees, plants, rocks, human structures or simply the light." 

~ Lauren Valle

Lauren Valle is a painter, farmer and homesteader living with her husband and a flock of birds on Cape Cod. She started painting as a child and never stopped. For the past decade she has been working in the environmental field, most recently co-founding an ecological engineering company that brings natural solutions for treating wastewater and contaminated water bodies.  She is currently in the process of starting a healing practice, Kinship Herbal and Holistic Healing, in Falmouth, Massachusetts.  

Contact: lmvalle@gmail.com

Patti Weisser

"Painting has opened my eyes to all the ways light and color are around us which we so often take for granted.  It's magnificence is always there for us and we are truly never alone.  I look now at every shape and detail, appreciating nature's profound complex and glorious gift.  It has fed and healed me.  Through my work, I wish to heal a little part of all of us and honor our ocean for its humble, powerful, and life giving beauty."

~ Patti Weisser


Patti Weisser began painting again five years ago.  She is a healer by trade and has practiced traditional Chinese Medicine for over 20 years.  She began to feel a pull to paint as a way to experience more peace, awareness, and mostly beauty in her life.  More healing... 

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