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October 13-21, 2018: Join us in the Magical Land of Damanhur, Italy

We will travel to Damanhur, an eco-society, in the autumn of the year to experience the depth of spirit that rises up from the land and lives within the people who have chosen to walk a path of beauty in co-creative partnership with nature. We will visit the Temples of Humankind known as the eighth wonder of the world, walk circuits to bring inner and outer balance, open our hearts to the singing of the plants, receive direct transmission from the cosmic forces, deeply commune with the Sacred Woods, let our nature evolutionary selves emerge through clay sculpting as well as engage in a Greenbreath session within the Temples.

Join us on this transformational journey of deeply connecting to oneself, nature and the cosmic forces supporting our spiritual evolution. Click here for a full description of the journey or on the link below for more photos, schedule or scholarship opportunity.



Advocates for Equal Rights for Earth and All her beings

Recognizes the life-giving force of Nature Consciousness

Serves the Sacred and recognizes the Sacred in all things

Lives in co-creative partnership with Nature 

Infuses the Sacred into the environmental movement

Brings spirit into all their actions

Current theme: Rivers of Life

 Photo Courtesy of Kelly Sinclair

Throughout the year we explore various themes through our blog posts, teleseminars and events. 

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