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Cedar Sacred Plant Initiation

  • Heart Springs Sactuary Washington Boro, PA USA (map)

“Ceremonial plant dieting is an ancient method of honoring and connecting with a plant. The ceremonial process opens gateways to spiritual realms and facilitates powerful development at physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual levels.”
~ Carole Guyett, Sacred Plant Initiations


Join us for this weekend of ceremony where we honor and are initiated by Cedar.   We will fast (recommended – though this is a matter of personal choice), ingest a ceremonially prepared elixir of Cedar, and take part in multiple journeys and ceremonies all with the intention of broadening our consciousness, receiving the healing gifts of Cedar, and Becoming our True Essential Nature.

You will experience:

Merge with the consciousness of Cedar as you form an intimate, life-long relationship. The relationship will continue as a source of guidance and healing for years to come.

Journeying is the art of tuning into rhythm and intention to discover unseen realms beyond physical reality. This altered, spiritual dimension is an incredible tool that gives us access to the wisdom and gifts of the Plant World (and more) to support healing and change in our lives.

Greenbreath is an activated breathing journey with the Plants. Through this powerful process you have the opportunity for spontaneous healing, shattering old patterns, receiving guidance and information, and truly changing your life.

It is through initiation that we awaken and re-member who we are and why we are here. We remember our connection with Cedar, the Plants, Earth, and the Universe.

Cedar’s Latin name Arborvitae means Tree of Life.  This is a little glimpse into the importance and wisdom of this very special Tree who is known to be connected to the Ancestors.  Utilizing this sacred time of year when the veils are thin between the worlds, will allow us to accentuate the healing gifts of Cedar.

This initiation is a benefit for The Organization of Nature Evolutionaries (O.N.E.) –

By Donation, suggested donation $200 – $500
Click here to register, $50 non-refundable deposit holds your place
Space is limited to 9 participants

For questions, contact Jen Frey
phone: 717-629-8426