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Journey to Mount Shasta

Journey to Mount Shasta, California

Thursday, October 3rd through Sunday, October 6th

$475 - $595 sliding scale

Cost includes all meals and shared lodging at our beautiful private retreat center. All proceeds benefit the work of ONE. Deposit of $150 holds your place (nonrefundable). The remaining balance of the sliding scale you choose is due by August 25th.

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You’re invited to enjoy a very special weekend of renewal and transformation on powerful Mount Shasta in Northern California. Long considered one of the seven sacred mountains of the world, Mount Shasta holds a vibrant transformative energy that seekers the world over travel to experience. Graceful and deeply profound, Mount Shasta is an immense energy center filled with opportunities to connect deeply with the Heart of the Living Earth. How long has it been since you listened?

Your guided journey begins at 4pm on Thursday October 3rd with a welcoming circle and delicious dinner, and ends on Sunday October 6th at 12pm with our closing circle. Throughout your experience you will enjoy opportunities to connect and communicate with Pachamama and the more than human beings that she nourishes. You will:

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  • ·Travel to the Mountain for exploration and prayers

  • Learn simple yet profound techniques to help you more easily hear the language of non verbal beings, including Heart Coherence, extra sensory perception, Grazing, and Earthing

  • Experience communication with the Water People, Rock People, Animal People, Plant People, Tree People and the Mountain Herself

  • Be transformed through earth based ceremony

  • Feast in joyful communion in our Sacred Kitchen

  • Make an alchemical sacred anointing oil that you’ll take home

  • Enjoy lively discussions, laughter and heart-centered community connection

This will be a time of deeply connecting to oneself, the mountain, nature and the cosmic forces supporting our spiritual evolution. We live in a sacred world that is not just more complex than we think – it’s more complex than we can think. We’ll move out of the “thinking ball” on top of our bodies and settle deep into our hearts to learn a new language. We go to the mountain to listen. We go for new direction. We go to play. You'll return home with a renewed sense of connection, gratitude, and deep appreciation for the unique and interconnected place you hold in life's tapestry.


Lodging opportunities at our retreat center include shared bedrooms in the main house, shared space in the smaller yurt (yurt spaces include a bed and curtains to separate your space from the rest of the yurt if desired), and “glamping” tent sites with two beds per tent. You might initially feel awkward about sharing sleeping rooms, but part of the weekend’s experience is to remember the gifts of community that come with sharing space in a world that supports increasing isolation. If you have a preference for a particular space, please indicate your preference when you register and we’ll do our very best to accommodate you. See slide show below for photos.

Things to Bring

  • An item from your kitchen that has personal significance to you. These will be placed on our Sacred Kitchen altar, and you’ll take them home again at the end of the journey.

  • A homemade gift for our giveaway. This could be a piece of art, a jar of jam, a poem – anything you’ve personally made with your hands and your heart.

  • Folding camp chair and blanket for your outdoor comfort. The evenings can be chilly on the mountain in early October.

  • Sunscreen

  • Water Bottles. I recommend bringing extras to fill with fresh living spring water from the Sacramento River Headwaters so you can take some of this amazing water home with you.

  • Paper or journal, with an extra pen.

  • Drums, rattles, guitars, and other musical instruments – if you wish

  • A walking stick (optional)

  • A day pack

  • Snacks or special foods you might need.

Meet Your Facilitators

Julie Caldwell, MA


Over two decades ago Julie opened the doors of Humboldt Herbals ~ a full service herbal apothecary located in the heart of the Redwoods on the pristine northern California coast. She and her staff of experienced herbalists now serve hundreds of community members each month who rely on Humboldt Herbals as a primary source of health care.

Originally from Alabama, Julie grew up with a plant talking granny, a pharmacist father, an artist mother, and loads of fiddle-playing, guitar picking relatives. Her first serious relationship with a plant began over 45 years ago at age 5, when she became great friends with a wild black cherry tree her granny called Crazy Doug. Julie’s “formal” education includes a BS in research psychology and biology, a MA in contemporary American poetry, and many, many herb classes including extensive studies with Pam Montgomery. The works of Pam, Stephen Harrod Buhner and Rosemary Gladstar have greatly influenced her herbal approach. She serves on the Visioning Council for the Organization of Nature Evolutionaries, and continues to enjoy a long history of spiritual exploration with wise ones from various traditions around the world.

Julie offers personal sessions, classes and herb walks in the Humboldt County area, and facilitates ongoing retreats in sacred Mount Shasta. To learn more about Julie’s classes, services, and herb shop, you can sign up for the Humboldt Herbals monthly newsletter at

Elyshia Holliday


In the spring of 2000 Elyshia left her thriving naturopathic practice in the Central Valley of California and moved to the mountains of New Mexico, where she co-founded a non-profit organization dedicated to healing the relationship between human beings and Mother Earth. She studied with many teachers and elders in the course of supporting this mission, who were called upon to guide and share their innate perspective of living as part of a whole earth system. Their wisdom and knowledge has had a profound influence on the way Elyshia views life, healing, and our basic guardianship of earth.

Growing up in the Cascade Mountains of Oregon created a unique opportunity to be close to the mountains, waters, trees and the wild in her everyday life. The quietness of the land allowed Elyshia to learn to listen to nature, to the wind blowing through the tall pines and currents of the river flowing across skin. It was good preparation!

Although it seems the most important things she learned came from elders, the cosmos and the Earth herself, Elyshia’s formal education includes a BS in Biology with concentrations in molecular biology and biochemistry as well as Master Herbalist, Master Iridologist and Naturopathy certificates from the School of Natural Medicine in Boulder, Colorado where she studied with Farida Sharan.

Julie and Elyshia at the Global Earth Repair Conference

Julie and Elyshia at the Global Earth Repair Conference

Much of the work Elyshia has done and continues to do is centered around community group facilitation, sacred nourishment, and helping people expand their relationship with Mother Earth. Since 2016 she has initiated and been engaged with a multi year regeneration project focused on healing the human-land-water relationship, especially in relation to erosion, desertification and the balance of the masculine and feminine. Elyshia continues to contribute in New Mexico and is the Executive Director of O.N.E..

Deposit and Registration- JOURNEY IS FULL!

Please add your name to the waiting list if you are still interested. We'll be in touch should a space open up, beginning with the person at the top of the list. Please email info@natureevolutionaries with any questions.

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