The natural world is an equal stakeholder in maintaing the wellbeing of the planet—an active participant that is worthy of our respect. 
— Jocelyn Mercado from Sacred Planet
Pam Montgomery and April Thanhauser advocating for Earth Rights.

Pam Montgomery and April Thanhauser advocating for Earth Rights.

The Right to Thrive
Earth is a living organism that sustains ALL life and, by this virtue, has an inherent right to thrive. To ensure a life-giving future for Earth and all her beings it is imperative that we work toward a global recognition and advocacy for Earth Rights with Nature Consciousness at the core of our activism. As a Nature Evolutionary there is an understanding that we as humans are also a part of nature and when we are in right relationship with Earth and all her beings a co-creative partnership is possible.

Nature Evolutionaries & Nature Consciousness
The old paradigm commonly recognizes three entities that have “rights” – humans, countries and corporations. Everything else is considered property of one of these, including Earth, which encompasses all of nature. As Nature Evolutionaries we are active in shifting this paradigm by embracing the sacred covenant we share with Earth and engaging co-creatively with Nature Consciousness.

Working for Earth Rights
Through the focus of Earth Rights O.N.E. recognizes a wide array of actions to bring greater unity, peace, justice, health, well-being and a genuine quality of sacredness for all our relations both human and non-human. We engage in:

Advocacy for Earth Rights at Climate Change, Environmental and Earthworks Events

Recognition of the importance of plants and trees in our lives. 

Spiritual Activism by bringing awareness to Nature Consciousness and honoring the sacred in ALL the actions we take for Earth.  

Photo Courtesy of Kelly Sinclair

Photo Courtesy of Kelly Sinclair

Coming Soon

Spiritual Activism Guide
Our perspective on Earth Rights is unique and originates in our commitment to take action for the Earth from a place of acknowledging Nature Consciousness.  Unifying this awareness with social action is what we refer to as Spiritual Activism. The key to making a real, lasting and positive change is to bring spiritual awareness into the manifestation process. As a visioning council, we are currently working to combine our years of dedication and knowledge in plant-nature consciousness and activism to create a guide for listening to nature, bringing positive intention to the living, breathing world that is at our doorstep and making connection with the sacred in nature in order to create a comprehensive set of  tools to advocate for Earth Rights in your community. 


Global Alliance for the Rights of Nature
This is an organization dedicated to investigating cases of environmental destruction which violate the Rights of Nature. They sponsor an Earth Rights Conference every year.

Institute for Man and Nature
The Institue is focused on relationships especially between people and their landscapes while working within the Community of Nature. There is an emphasis on All that nourishes us - food, water and air.

The Earth Law Center 
The Center is dedicated to transforming laws to recognize and protect nature's inherent rights to exist, thrive and evolve. They advocate for Earth Rights being incorporated into the constitutions of local and global governments.

Sacred Planet
Sacred Planet focuses on raising consciousness on ALL levels. When we humans raise our consciousness we recognize the importance of being in Right Relationship with nature and the rest of the world.

United Nations
The United Nations has officially sanctioned International Mother Earth Day and, in so doing, acknowledges that Earth and her ecosystems are our common home and in order to achieve a balance throughout many areas it is necessary to promote Harmony with Nature.

"She's Alive" is a compelling video which personifies the reality that Nature is a conscious, living breathing being and also explores the impact that we, as collective human beings, are having on her now.  Click here to view


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