Gratitude for Fire & Fuel


 We offer gratitude and respect to fire and fuel. We offer our thanks to the spirit of fire, who has sustained the survival of our species, warmed us through freezing times, cooked our food, and given us vision. We ask for a balanced relationship with fire, so that excesses of wild fire do not devastate us, and so that excesses of fuel consumption cease to despoil our planet.

We honor the workings of the element of fire in our spiritual as well as our physical lives. We celebrate the inspiration of creative fire.

We also recognize the spirit of petroleum, gift of the ancient plants, and we look forward to a new, non-exploitative relationship with this Being.

 We ask for release of our habits of over-consumption. We give thanks for those who are leading the way to patterns of living which no longer over-use the fossil fuels.

And we send out our intention to live in deep respect for Grandfather Fire.

from John O Donahue’s To Bless the Space Between Us “In Praise of Fire:"

Let us praise the grace and risk of Fire

In the beginning, The Word was red, And the sound was thunder, And the would in the unseen Spilled forth the red weather of being.

In the name of the Fire, The Flame And the Light; Praise the pure presence of fire That burns from within Without thought of time. ….. As fire cleanses dross, May the flame of passion Burn away what is false.

As short as the time From spark to flame, So brief may the distance be Between heart and being.

May we discover Beneath our fear Embers of anger To kindle justice.

May courage cause our lives to flame, In the name of the Fire, And the Flame and the Light.