Mineral Medicine

by Marza Millar For thousands of years my ancestors of the 1st Nations Tribes of North America have used the Rock Beings for medicine, to write the history of the people, as well to align the tribe with time of day and to read the cycles of the sun and the moon.

The Rock Beings are my Grandmother and Grandfathers. They hold the story of Mother Earth, the history of all living beings on planet earth. My people call the Rock Beings the Bones of the Mother. My IMG_1985 Ancestors have taught me that all things have a living spirit and all things have their own cycles of time. Some of the Rock Beings hold the light in prismatic color, others let the water flow and record the history of the water marks during the change of ages past. Some of the Rock Beings are used for medicine to heal our bodies, others are cut into beautiful shapes and we wear them for protection, beauty and power. Each Rock Being has its own medicine power and how it relates to the Mother Earth and how it relates to Humankind.

I am a medicine woman. I know the medicine of the Rock Beings which was  Taught to me by my Elders. I make Rock Medicine infused in sunlight at the height of the Summer sun in the Valley of Light in New Mexico. This is where my Elders made the Rock Medicine. I journey to this place every summer to make the Sacred Rock Medicine.

One of my favorite medicines that I make is Dolomite. Dolomite is a ancient medicine going back all the way to the Ancient Egyptians. They made the ancient pyramids with Dolomite Lime. The pristine white Dolomite serves mankind and the plant kingdom in many ways. My ancestors use to use Dolomite to crush up and mix with water to stop stomach aches and intestinal viruses. We line our fires with the Dolomite to cook our food, and amplify our fire's power during the full moon and eclipse ceremonies. The Egyptians used the Dolomite to amplify the power of the pyramids at Giza. These were not tombs, as they say they were, but large generators-- such as a Tesala Tower--providing a primitive low grade electricity to the people of the Giza Plateau.

Once a year when the ice and snow come off the White Mountains near the Eastern Sierra and Owens Valley I make the trek up the mountains to visit my old friends the Ancient Bristlecone Pines. IMG_7729These trees are some of the oldest trees in the world at the age of 5,000 years or older. They grow in the Dolomite soil. It makes an amazing medicine to sit with these trees to connect you to your star ancestors, and to the cycles of time here on the earth plane. Combining together the Bristlecone Pine and the Dolomite, one can make an ancient healing formula to remember our ancestors and our cycles of time. I mix Dolomite infused water and Ancient Bristlecone Pine infused water together to create a medicine to sit with the ancestors and share 5000 years of connection to the star beings and the cycle of earth time. The mineral, gem and crystal beings are here to give us their wisdom, they are just waiting for you to listen and share their stories and medicine with you.

*****************************************************************************Marza Millar is the owner of Etheric Light Essentials which specializes in making vibrational medicine, healing waters, and rock medicine.

She describes her Lineage: IMG_8935

* I'm an Elder Grandmother of the Wind Creek Yavapai, Sedona Arizona--my father's people. *My mother’s people are from Isle of Skye, Scotland and Kilkenny, Ireland *Druid Elder of Clach Na h'Annait Standing Stone. *Adopted by birthright and trained in both rites from   birth. *The traditional teachings of Lemuria given by Elders of Naapoopoo Village.

My altar is to the lineages and teachings I hold.

And she offers us this Prayer:

To the wind we call forward your breath to clear us. To the fire we call you to burn within our hearts, to the waters we call to flow within us, to the earth we call to give us food and shelter. To the stars we call to unnamed-7our ancestors to remember who we are and to give us the Wisdom. To all above and below we give our humility, and praise to the Creator of all things. The door between the worlds now stands open so we shall all partake this day of the Ancient Wisdom given.

Tachamim Odin May this prayer fly into the forever