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Poem obtained by Clay A. Johnson and posted 16 October 1995 on the CTURTLE listserve; 
original author unknown, no record found through extensive web search

It was the weather that drove us in,
that rainy afternoon in May.
And the weather, I suppose, that drew us out.

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Like many of Earth’s gifts that we once thought inexhaustible, the fish populations are running out. With the number of fish-eating humans exploding and the fishing techniques and technologies growing in rapacious effectiveness, many, if not most fish species are in dangerous decline. It is time for an intervention.

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Loving Whales, Taking Action

Rachel Baird, who led our Teleseminar on connecting with Whales through meditation, offers some ways of supporting them:

Whale lovers in North America can join sites to get involved with projects to protect the whales, such as the eco-Whale Alliance of Canada. Take a look at baleins en direct , full of  scientific information, beautiful pictures, current news of whales, and calls to action.

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Walking from Water to Earth:Honoring Seaweed

We have made the walk from water to earth many times as humans, yes? I think about how we came from the ocean as a species. We grow in a fluid inside our mother’s wombs similar in makeup to the ocean before we ever take our first breath. And we walk the Medicine Wheel each and every year from the water of the west in autumn to the earth of north in winter, until our very last breath. 

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Meeting the Whales Where We Are

I grew up just blocks from the Ocean in San Francisco where I walked the beach nearly every day and was lulled to sleep at night by the sound of fog horns.  Sometimes, when in the water – I could feel these wave pulses of energy moving through my body and sometimes, at the shore, I could feel life forms moving far off inside the ocean.  I knew they could feel me as well and were communicating.  

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Oceans, the Womb of the World

My mother was holding me looking at the waves when suddenly a huge wave broke over us. The shock and sound of the wet spray gave me a baptism I never forgot. I grew up on two islands, one urban,the other rural, and at a very young age I was diving into the waves and buoyed up on their crests, or watching reckless teenagers jump into the East River trafficked by tugs and cargo ships headed out to sea. 

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World Conservation Congress

From Avaaz website

Our oceans are collapsing, with vast disturbing dead areas reported to be expanding in the Pacific. But hope is also rising, with more ocean protected last year than ever before!

This week could decide whether collapse or conservation wins the race. Scientists say if we conserve 30% of our oceans, that will be enough to regenerate the rest -- and this plan is actually on the table at the powerful World Conservation Congress, which starts today!

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Gratitude to Ocean

We offer gratitude to Ocean, the one great Ocean of the world, whom we call by so many names. Grandmother Ocean, thank you for Life! For the lives of our most ancient ancestors whom you cradled and fed, For the lives of all who came after, who stayed in your waters or ventured on land. For the lives of all the plants whom you water through the clouds, and for the  tiny phytoplankton who give us breath. We thank you Ocean, for the lives of all our relatives.

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