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Tales of the Sea with April Thanhauser

Tales of the Sea with April Thanhauser

October 16th, 2016

connecting with nature

Storyteller April Thanhauser recounts traditional tales of the sea, and guides us in a meditation journey of remembrance of our ancient and intimate soul connection with Ocean.

April is an educator, healer, and story-teller whose spiritual path has brought her to love a kind of meditation that is based in communion with Nature.  She draws upon her life-long devotion to folk and fairy tales,  and to the ocean,  to share magical stories of ocean spirits interacting with humans.

Mermaids and silkies, nereids and sea gods, are very much alive in our collective imaginations and our mythology.  No matter where we live now, there’s a good chance our near or distant ancestors lived in close relation with the sea. Traditional folk and fairy tales are carriers of our ancestral wisdom, speaking to us down through the generations of things that are important for us to remember. They may instruct us, caution us, make us laugh or shiver or simply entertain us. Many, many of these stories, though, are meant to illuminate aspects of our soul’s journey, and remind us of our connection to spirit.

Since the Ocean is indeed our Mother, having birthed the first life on earth so long ago, and since, therefore, her creatures are our relatives, it makes sense that the story of our soul’s journey is filled with ocean connections. The water in our bodies was likely once flowing in an ocean current, and the tides of our emotions are subject to the same cosmic forces which orchestrate the seas. At some deep level, we recognize our kinship with whales, dolphins and seals. 

And so, there are powerful stories, from many cultural streams, in which the Ocean beings are central. They remind us of the Ocean in us all.

Listen to April's talk below