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Designing a Kitchen Sanctuary Garden with Ellen Ogden

May 21, 2017

connecting with nature

Designing a beautiful kitchen garden is one of the best ways to incorporate the sacred into your garden and ultimately your kitchen. In this teleseminar, we talk about the power of creating sanctuaries through gardens that allow the healing power of plants to be received. 

Beautiful kitchen gardens ultimately bring more joy and connection through nature and the healthy food that is grown, and eaten. In this teleseminar, you will learn a basic foundation of simple steps to successful kitchen garden design, that will feed your spirit and soul in new ways. Create a sanctuary to grow food, in order to open your senses to a bigger world that turns work into play and allows plants to nourish and bring peace to our lives.

Ellen Ecker Ogden is the author of The Complete Kitchen Garden, and other books on food and garden design. She teaches and lectures on kitchen garden designs, creating small, intimate gardens to nourish the body,mind and spirit. She was the co-founder of The Cooks Garden seed catalog, specializing in hard to find salad greens and herbs for cooks who love to garden.
For more information about Ellen Ogden or her work please visit her website.

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