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Sanctuary in Our Gardens: Co-creative Partnership with Pollinators with Jennifer Radtke

March 26, 2017

co-creative partnership with nature-bees

Jennifer will be speaking about how our gardens, however elaborate or simple, offer sanctuary to pollinators.  There are many practical reasons to keep bees, like honey and pollination, but she encounters more and more people keeping Bees for the Bees--their presence and magic. She will invite us to step more consciously into this partnership, providing a wealth of information and offering a meditation to help us connect more deeply with Bees.

Jennifer has been keeping bees in her backyard in Oakland, California for 13 years. She currently has 4 hives spread between Oakland, Piedmont, & Orinda, but grandmothers many hives across the area owned by her apprentices and students. She is former Vice-President of the Alameda Beekeeping Association. She is co-founder of the BioFuel Oasis in Berkeley, which sells beekeeping supplies & bees, and has a whole beekeeping education program for backyard beekeepers. She believes in putting the bees and their health first and listening to the bees rather than a top-down management approach. She mostly enjoys sitting with her hives in her garden and just being with them.  Her hives are dedicated, like her, to teaching people about beekeeping, partnering with bees, and connecting with nature. Jennifer is also a founding member of the Organization of Nature Evolutionaries.

For more information on Jennifer's classes please visit her here.  Look at her instagram for bee video and photos (