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The Tree of Life with Arkan Lushwala

September 17, 2017, 12pm-1pm PST, 3pm-4pm EST

February, 2018 update: Arkan has just released his second book Deer and Thunder.  Beautiful and engaging to read and an invaluable resource in being a Nature Evolutionary.

In many traditions, especially tribal cultures, the Tree of Life is the embodiment of the prayer and promise of continuity.  It holds the sacred seeds of the future and offers divine instruction for living our lives .   This most holy of trees has been, and still is in some cultures, the center of ceremony, community and the hope for vibrancy of all life. Join O.N.E. and Arkan Lushwala in opening our new teleseminar series, Trees of Life.


Arkan Lushwala  bridges the global north and south, carrying spiritual traditions from the Andes in his native Peru as well as being adopted and initiated by indigenous people of North America. His eloquence, as both an author and speaker, give expression to a timeless wisdom in a refreshingly simple and digestible way.

A traditional healer, and founder of a remote ceremonial center and community in New Mexico, Arkan has been a leader and teacher for many years as well as  author. of  Time of the Black Jaguar.  His second book, "Deer and Thunder" has just been released.  To know more about Arkan's teaching watch the Caretakers of Life video series.