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Amazon River with Rocio Alarcon

Rocio Alarcon

Rocio Alarcon

Ecuadorian, teacher and healer, Rocio Alarcon will join us during our Rivers of Life teleseminars to speak about the Amazon which is considered the “mightiest river in the world”. South America’s Amazon ecosystem is often described as ‘larger than life’ and indeed it comprises the most expansive rainforest in the world, home to the second-longest river on earth. Combined, they spawn an incredible amount of life, with the sheer abundance of flora and fauna making it an essential breeding and feeding ground. A passionately protected yet endangered bio-network, the Amazon River and Rainforest provide our planet with indispensable oxygen, fresh water, and biodiversity. Join us to hear Rocio’s unique perspective of this magnificent river.

Rocio Alarcon is renowned and beloved world wide for her caring, loving and passionate approach to people, plants and nature. An Ethnopharmacologist, Ethno-botanist, shamanic practitioner and extraordinary teacher and healer, Rocio has spent over 30 years working with ethnic groups in the tropical rain forest and Andes Mountains of Ecuador and in the Basque Country, Spain.  Rocio is the co-founder and director of the Iamoe Center in Ecuador. 

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