Creative Expression

Columbine watercolor by Jennifer Radtke

Columbine watercolor by Jennifer Radtke

We honor the creative force as the life force that flows through our being and all of life.

 We celebrate creative expression, in all its forms, as a way of connecting with spirit and actively engaging with the universal life force. 

As we step into the flow of creativity, we step into the ever-flowing stream of life, allowing us to connect with our own aliveness and awaken our co-creative relationship with life. 

Creating from this place allows for deep healing, growth and change as we connect with the unlimited potential of the creative source and the unlimited potential within ourselves.

We are able to access our power to make change in the world through our authentic expression of truth and beauty. 

Expressing creative energy comes in all forms~ writing, painting, dancing, music, building a garden, creating business and new possibilities for solving problems…  It is about choosing to act in a way that is a consciously partnering with the life-giving forces of nature to bring something new into being. We honor our creativity as an act of service in which we offer our prayers to the world.

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