Art has the power to change our paradigm, to help us expand our view.  Through artwork, we can honor the Sacred, we can visualize the imaginary, and we can create new pathways, new worlds.  O.N.E. is happy to recognize the artwork of Nature Evolutionaries in our online gallery.  This gallery highlights the work of artists and creators whose co-creative partnership with Nature offers a perspective of healing, growth and change.  

Art of Sanctuary Gardens

Denise Arline

My greatest joy is connecting with Earth, Spirit and the Great Mystery that we are all apart of.   My art and photography work is one of the most joyous ways I communicate the spirit of nature and feel the Oneness with all of life.  The experience of photographing is the creative happening where the seen and unseen meet in conversation.  Whether I am creating art, healing or teaching my goal is to allow the expression of this conversation to occur.

                                                                                                                                             ~ Denise Arline



Denise Arline is a healing artist, plant spirit healing practitioner and intuitive healer who embraces creativity as a way of experiencing our co-creative relationship with the spiritual realm of nature.  Through individual healing sessions, classes and creative exploration, Denise inspires people to step into their co-creative relationship with the spirit of life allowing their true creative potential to be fully expressed.  Denise is one of the founding Visioning Council members for the Organization of Nature Evolutionaries.  It was her vision and dream that lead to the creation of our Galleries.

Contact:  threefeatherhealing.comthreefeatherhealing@gmail.com

Lillian Edwards

"Art has always been a part of my life. My relationship to art, however, expanded into a new realm when it became my full-time job, creating illustrations for the small organic farm in Santa Barbara, CA that I was blessed to call "home" for some years. These pieces are inspired by the slow, local food movement, interwoven with the beauty of the natural world around us. ~ We are all made from the same stardust, rivers, sunshine, winds, seasonal rhythms, light & dark, newly sprouted seeds, and old growth forests.. Bringing this into conscious awareness, supporting sustainable food systems, and tending to our gardens.. these all cultivate healthy soils and water, create harmony with the surrounding ecosystems, value biodiversity and community, and foster alignment with all that is life-giving! I truly believe this is a vital piece, as we show up to lovingly reciprocate all that this planet gives to us with unending generosity and benevolence. Its is a joy to celebrate Earth's abundant gifts though paint, brushes, ink, and pens."

~ Lillian Edwards

Lillian is an artist and illustrator, currently exploring the magical foothills of the Sierras in Northern California. Her daily prayer to the earth is one of "gratitude" and "thanks" for so infinitely supporting both our physical bodies and our spirits. Present to this interconnectedness of love, she gives back with a full heart, by honoring the beauty all around us through her hand-crafted creations. She loves to spend time with the Yuba river, tend to the garden, write in her dream journal, and listen to the plants. 

Contact: lillianedwards.com

* Lillian is featured in our video, "Being a Nature Evolutionary"


Aliah Rogers

"It is such an honor and joy to share the healing power of nature through my creations and photography. I'm constantly amazed and moved by the intelligence expressing itself through our natural world. Whether a vast landscape, an intricate, dried seed pod, or humanity itself, the wonders and beauty of Creation are truly moving and without end. My prayer is for all who see my work to have some experience of inspiration, opening and a sense of their own interconnectedness with the One beautiful Life we share. Thank you so much!" 

~ Aliah Rogers

An artist of many mediums, Aliah's love and gift for photography have been burning bright since her teenage years in the darkroom.  
World travel and soulful living translate deeply in her imagery, stirring the heart to recognize not only the beauty of Creation, but one's rightful place amidst it.
Aliah currently lives in Nevada City, CA, amidst ponderosa forests and the epic Yuba river. 

Contact: www.aliahfaithphotography.com, aliahfaith108@gmail.com, Aliah Faith Photography Facebook page coming soon!  

Elisabeth Weaver

"My inspiration comes from communing with the natural world. I experience a unique peace when I sit with plants. In this meditative state, my connection to them deepens and I can see their energy and essence more clearly. I have translated this into my art by representing their spirit into my work. Unlike traditional scientific botanical illustration, I document the plants by illustrating their personality and spirit and feel them guide me when I am drawing and painting. Medicinal herbs are my main subject focus because I like to use my art as a teaching tool and share information about the healing potential herbs have. I have been working with some of my plant studies on a mural scale because I believe I am altering the built environment with reminders of the nature world."

~ Elisabeth Weaver

Nature Evolutionary Artist Elisabeth Weaver

Elisabeth Weaver is a community-based artist, educator and plant enthusiast. She pulls inspiration from her work as an herb farmer, herbalist and lover of the natural world. She is co-founder of Lancaster Farmacy, a certified organic medicinal herb farm. She has taught art in schools and community settings, facilitating mural painting, block printing and botanical drawing.  She pours her love for medicinal plants into her art as a way to share the story of healing plants and seeks to bring beauty into the world by adding color everywhere she goes.

Contact: eliweaver@gmail.com, www.lancasterfarmacy.com